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neither..i think they both push each others buttons..its ridiculous the way these 2 act!! grow up and get into a mature adult relationship..stop the high school, inmature, over the top b.s. and i dont even watch this trash show!!!! i just cant get away from all the stories and clips about it!!!


Well, I don't think sammi deserved to be treated like that. In a way I understand WHY she turned to be a bit 'psycho' with him, bc she probably had no more trust in him..but loved him. And for that I feel sorry for her- but on the other hand, she probably knew she wasn't going to be able to trust him and be the same so the relationship shouldve been ended a lot sooner ..

As far as ronnie. I don't feel any sympathy for him. He's a dog. What he did in Miami was horrible so he should at least understand why Sammi was 'broken'.

They shouldve split so this wouldn't happen.. But I don't think sammi should be seen as such a bitch, she's really not.

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