Jersey Shore Poll: Team Sammi or Team Ronnie?

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It was the breakup to end all breakups.

In this corner, the horror of Hazlet, N.J., one of the most b!tchy, grating, stuck up, painfully annoying and unpleasant girls ever, Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola!

And in this corner, hailing from the Bronx, the worst boyfriend in human history, an idiotic, abusive, alcoholic meathead with rage issues, Ronnie Magro!

Ronnie and Sammi Fight, Take 12

These two fight every waking hour, but on Thursday night (see our Jersey Shore recap for the full rundown), things finally reached the point of no return.

No woman deserves to be treated like Sam did, ever. Yet she remains a bratty button-pusher who's very hard to sympathize with for a litany of reasons.

What did you think? Did Ron go too far? Did she PUSH him too far and does she share some of the blame? Are they both just gluttons for punishment?

Vote below and tell us: Whose side are you on here?

Follow the jump for one clip from the episode-long melee:


neither..i think they both push each others buttons..its ridiculous the way these 2 act!! grow up and get into a mature adult relationship..stop the high school, inmature, over the top b.s. and i dont even watch this trash show!!!! i just cant get away from all the stories and clips about it!!!


Well, I don't think sammi deserved to be treated like that. In a way I understand WHY she turned to be a bit 'psycho' with him, bc she probably had no more trust in him..but loved him. And for that I feel sorry for her- but on the other hand, she probably knew she wasn't going to be able to trust him and be the same so the relationship shouldve been ended a lot sooner .. As far as ronnie. I don't feel any sympathy for him. He's a dog. What he did in Miami was horrible so he should at least understand why Sammi was 'broken'. They shouldve split so this wouldn't happen.. But I don't think sammi should be seen as such a bitch, she's really not.

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