James Durbin: The Next Adam Lambert?

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Does American Idol the next Adam Lambert on its hands?

It's difficult not to make such a comparison upon hearing James Durbin sing, but the aspiring contestant arrived for his audition in San Francisco last night with a very different backstory from that of the season eight finalist.

Durbin couldn't hold back his emotion when talking about his son, or even when belting out a version of "Dream On." This is a young man whose father died of an overdose when he was nine, and who has been diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome. It's emotional, impressive, stuff. Watch now.

Durbin is a rumored member of this season's top 40, along with other San Francisco golden ticket recipients Brittany Mazur, Stefano Langone and Julie Zorrilla.

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You know if you can't say something nice about someone don't say anything at all. You hide behind no one knowing who you are to dis someone.


i don't like adam ambver his name is i don't care


Hey stace Durbin is gifted with tourettes thats only thing thats true.


Thank GOD he s out. I couldn't take this guy anymore, he was screaming like a bison in heat.


Well, i hope ya'll are happy coz he's gone. Honestly I used to REALLY HATE HIM. but you know what? he's got talent, a lot of it. I hated how he often moved and sounded like Adam Lambert because Adam is my true idol but JAMES DURBIN is truly gifted. AND TO ALL O YA'LL HATIN ON ADAM YA'LL CAN EITHER SHUT UP OR YOU'LL NEVER GROW UP! ADAM LAMBERT IS AMAZING, UNIQUE, AND JUST PLAIN GREAT. DAMN, BE A LITTLE OPEN!


Resembles David Cook, if he resembles anyone.


God why are you people compering them???Both are god,but I still think that Adam is the best American Idol ever.And when are you homofobics going to leave Adam alone,he is gay,so,he is not sleeping with you!!!


You ppl dissing James are nuts. Idol has never had true talent like this before(including Lambert). Don't take my word for it. Go watch him on youtube doing While My Guitar Gently Weeps, or Rainbow In The Dark. Then try to find as good a performance by A.L. You won't succeed. Sorry. This kid is the real deal. He isn't going anywhere, so get used to it.


i think james d is so hot and he is my idol and pia suks balls and she can sing and you thnk thats hash you mess with the wrowng gril


I HATE EVERY ONE WHO DOSNT LOVE J_A_M_E_S DURBIN OR HIS NICKNAME (JD) THAT GAY GUY ADAM LAMBRENT NEEDS TO QUIT HIS SINGING CARRER AND GO BARY HIS FACE, OR JAMES IS GOING TO TRAMPLE HIM AND THEN JAMES WILL BE IN THE SPOT LIGHT! JAMES IS FAME AND ADAM IS A g_a_yyyyyyy james if u r on here I vote 310 times every time adam I wished there was a way to vote for you to lose wen u were on....hahaha james