Howard Stern to David Letterman: How Horrible is Jay Leno?!?

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Howard Stern appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman last night and stayed true to a vow he made earlier in the day:

The radio host simply went off on Jay Leno. Saying he follows the late night talk show wars like "The Torah," Stern referred to The Tonight Show host as someone "horrible" with "no talent."

Letterman simply laughed along with Stern, who didn't give the CBS icon much time to respond. Instead, he continued on about Regis, Bill Cosby and a great deal more. Check out the interview now and then choose your team:

Which late night side are you on?


@survivor - retarded mtherfker..... carson wanted dave to take over... and jay used his filthy manager (like always)to ink him the tonite show deal ..... carson never appeared on jay's show again .... he came on dave's show though and they remained lifelong friends.
Reason why jay is more popular - we americans are stupid and like dull comedians. Most of us dont understand dave's humour.


@survivor, Carson didn't hand over the tonight show to Leno, he "Hid in the closet" a book if u don't know what that means


@Tman Lolz u illiterate fuckwad. Cant u read? I said Johnny Carson was the GREATEST COMEDIAN/ TALK SH0W H0ST 0F ALL TIME! And that being said he HANDED over the Tonight Show to Jay Leno. He must of saw somethng in Jay to give the show to him and not David. Whats Sterns great legacy gonna be? FARTMAN?! HA HA. LOLZ. GO F URSELF TMAN. UR IGN0RANT


Howard just signed a 5 year contact for 500 million. Jay makes less than anyone on late night. You are a moron (team moron). "Greatest of all time", wow, did you just get a computer and learn how to post a comment? Get a gun and put it in your mouth and pull the trigger you stupid Fuc#'n moron!


Howard Stern is about as nasty and vulgar as you can get. And hes just jealous. Im sure Howard only dreams of having the success Jay has had. So what if Jay EARNED the rght to be on Tonight Show. I l0ved Johnny Carson. And apparently he loved Jay Leno. He left hm the show. One of the GREATEST talk show host/comedians of ALL TIME and he chose Jay over Dave. That speaks volumes. Dave Letterman is jst BITTER. And Howard is his Bitch! Lolz. TEAM JAY

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