Howard Stern Defends Kim Kardashian Against "Scumbag" Prince

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Howard Stern loves women with large breasts and little personality, so it should come as no surprise that he's coming to the defense of Kim Kardashian.

Earlier this week, the reality star was called on stage by Prince during a concert at Madison Square Garden. She proceeded to freeze, stand around like a mannequin and get dismissed from the spotlight.

But Stern, a fan of Prince as an artist, blames the musician for this embarrassing incident.

"Apparently she's supposed to dance like a stripper for him and she just stood there not knowing what to do," Stern said on his radio show yesterday. "He throws her off the stage because she can't read f--king Prince's mind. He's a bulls--t artist. I'm done with him."

Concluding by labeling Prince as a "scumbag," Stern said "he seems to be an arrogant asshole lately."

That may be true, but let's remember: Courteney Cox has a career because Bruce Springstein summoned her to the stage during a performance of "Dancing in the Dark." Kim could have shown the world a spontaneous, fun-loving side if she had responded in similar fashion to this sitcom star.

Instead, treating the opportunity like a professional athlete, she blew it.

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Kim has boobs, Howard likes boobs, I think we know the real reason for his defense of her.


Howard complains that poor, little fat-ass KK couldn't READ PRINCE'S MIND??!!!!!! What else would he call her up to the stage for except to DANCE WITH HIM (just like the woman five minutes prior to Kim being up there did -- she danced her ass off and enjoyed herself). Leave it to that aging trash bag to act like a giggling teenager and be "too nervous" to dance. That limelight whore is on TV 24/7, followed around by paparazzi, showed it all in a sex tape, as well as being naked on scores of magazine layouts -- AND SHE'S FLUMOXED by Prince asking her up to dance!!!!!! What lying piece of crap!!!!!!!!


Hey... isn't anyone gonna stick up for Kim here? Let's face it, the only reason she would not take advantage of this spotlight moment is that she couldn't dance or move around a lot. She was probably squeeeeezin off the QuickTrim squirts.


Russ, you're the only Howard Stern fan here. Howard been played out. Yes, he's still on the radio, yes he makes million. Like Dawn said, he's a looser and so is Kim. Be glad when them Kardashians fade away.


These kids born in the 90s can't appreciate Prince for what he has done in the past. He is, despite all weirdness, a very talented artist and deserves respect. Kim should have embraced the opportunity and show a fun side of her. But that's a little difficult to do when you have the personality of a wooden chair.


Prince should have never pulled that bimbo up on stage in the first place. She is not an actress, singer, dancer etc... she is just one of the thousands of reality tv tarts that needs to disappear. Howard Stern is just pissy because it is a slow news week for him, plus any excuse for him to get on Kim's good side, since he is just a big perverted giant horndog. I'm a Prince fan and HS fan, but Howard is wrong.


Grandfather? Huh??? He's in his 50's and she's 30! Btw- it's loser & crypt. You need your facts straight & a dictionary.


I love it when bitter talentless trolls call Howard Stern a loser. An intelligent entertainer who makes millions and millions of dollars with a great fan following and strong opinions on things that others are afraid to express.


Well it takes a looser like Howard stern to support a no talent bimbo like kim, Heres a clue howard your like the cript keeper when you lust your old balls after someone old enough to be your Granddaughter. Im done listening to your BS!! Moving on Looser