Horned This Way: Lady Gaga Visits Good Morning America, Promotes AIDS Awareness

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Wearing what appears to be a giant condom, odd flesh-colored facial horns, a white plastic hat and dagger nails, Lady Gaga hit up Good Morning America today.

She talked about working with the MAC Viva Glam campaign and wore what she called a "latex condom inspired outfit" to talk about safe sex with Robin Roberts.

Lady Gaga signed autographs for "little monsters" outside the studio as well, looking ferocious as can be ... and we mean that in only the best way, obviously:

Horned and Dangerous

Are you scared? Repulsed? Turned on? Confused? A little of each?

Leave it to Gaga to integrate absurd fashion with PSAs. The horns were also displayed when she performed "Born This Way" at the Grammys last weekend.

In case you missed the name of her new single and album, she made sure to write it down for you in one of the Lady Gaga pictures below, not to worry ...

Female Condom
Nice Hat Gaga

[Photos: Fame, Pacific Coast News]


This chick scares me. It's one thing to be a bit different but she is just off on a cliff somewhere. She's got to do all this just to make a statement? That is sad to me. So unattractive and not Lady like at all.


I LOVE me some Gaga...but what with the horns and what not? I get the need to make a statement (esp re: safe sex)...but girl, its ok to dress normally too ya know!


I made a dress out of more than one thousand condoms for Lady GAGA to wear. I just made a page on Facebook: Please Lady GAGA use my condom Dress with a picture. Please spread the word, I really want her to use it !!!!!

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