Report: Tom Cruise Made Katie Holmes Study Scientology on "Slave Labor Church Bus"

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It's been awhile since we've read an old-fashioned Tom Cruise / Scientology expose full of outrageous allegations, but this certainly makes up for lost time.

According to Radar Online, the actor demanded his custom-built bus be the base for Katie Holmes' "Purification Rundown Program" prior to marrying her.

The trailer-style bus was allegedly built by the church's underpaid staffers, who put nearly 9,000 hours of "slave labor into its production for the star.

TomKat on the Red Carpet

The FBI is reportedly investigating the Church of Scientology for human trafficking and using free labor, in part to meet the demands of its celebrity icon, Cruise.

Tom insisted on a custom drawer for his slippers because the neat-freak didn't want anyone walking on the carpet, a former high-ranking church staffer claims.

In an internal email, Cruise's requests for upgrades were outlined, according to the church's former Inspector General Mark Rathbun. So what does it matter?

It doesn't, unless there were blatant labor violations involved. Despite news of the law enforcement probe, the church has emphatically denied that's the case.

Cruise has always been the subject of rumors, especially since marrying Katie, because of the controversial religion be follows. But take it with a grain of salt.

Very little, if any of the negative reports about the actor have been substantiated, and he practices what he believes is right with relatively little fanfare.

You can read the full report here.


Scientology is crime. I cannot understand how ANYONE would believe in that crap thought out by a third-class science fiction "author". Of course, nowadays it is just about power and psychoterror. S. is not a religion but a criminal organisation just like the Hells Angels.
Fu** the "Thetans" LOL, just google for it and laugh !


What is this! No Scientology Secret Police (OSA) attack responses here? Man LRH would not approve! D.M. will beat someone up for this I am sure LOL


This cult is a criminal organization. The last FBI raid in the 70's uncovered hundreds of crimes. The founder's wife, along with 10 other executives, all went to jail because of the crimes uncovered. They need to be investigated, not because they believe in Xenu, but because of their crimes.


Or maybe, Katie married Tom and joined his church because she loved him? It was just a thought...


I'm not a Marty Rathbun fan but he and his freaky follower were there and I'll have to believe him on this one. I've seen Hollywood Gossip defend scientology before. Anyone who defends the cult is mostly likely deep in bed with them. Make me wonder if this yet another scientology front.


Katie should throw him under the bus she was purified in. The Church "emphatically denies" everything. Cruise hasn't just used Scientology in his own life, he's shilled for his slave/brainwashing cult, and pushed their medical quackery on the public. Watch his viral video. They believe they are the "authority" on everything are are destined to take over the "planet," and they believe Cruise has already reached over one billion people on Earth with "LRH tech." That is one sixth of the world's population. Believe Paul Haggis when he says, "I was in a cult for 34 years and didn't realize it."


It also matters if Church funds were used to customize the bus, because Scientology is tax-exempt -- use of nonprofit funds to benefit any particular person is called inurement, and is a serious crime.

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