Heidi Montag to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Cast Me!

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Former Hills star Heidi Montag wants a role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Easy to see why. They're rich and famous right now, she's neither.

Despite the fact that there's not a chance in hell it will ever happen, Heidi is actively pursuing joining Camille, Lisa, Kyle and their wealthy counterparts.

“We would move to Beverly Hills in a heartbeat. We'd be so psyched if this happened,” said her better half and fellow Hills star turned bad musician.

Damaged Goods

MAYBE 15 SURGERIES AGO: Sadly for Montag, there's no way the Housewives cast her. There's nothing Real about that body whatsoever. It's just not a good fit.

According to Radar Online, she and husband Spencer Pratt are going all out and his “people” are supposedly talking to the RHOBH honchos next week.

So Speidi will be Tweeting at them incessantly while Cougar Zank and Jenn Bunney walk up and approach the producers at restaurants? Good to know.

While adding Heidi and Spencer would garner big publicity, Bravo doesn't seem to be lacking for that as is ... and would they want to deal with Speidi?

We doubt it. Stick to your "music" careers, guys.


Wow I can't believe Heidi and Spencer they disgust me in do many ways! They actually thought they had a chance on rhwobh come on not even in their league!!!! Those people r way way way way etc..... to rich for them they don't realize people laugh and make fun of them. I actually liked Heidi before she got with spencer he is so poison for her!!!!! Now I can't stand her they r both jokes and lunney tunes!!!! Not at all cut for any tv GET HELP!!!!!


The ONLY RH I liked was Bethany!


Wait, wait! They're saying there is nothing real about her and that it wouldn't be a good fit to put her on the show!? There's NOTHING real about Camille either, but she's there. I bet all the money I have that every single woman on those RH shows have had at LEAST 1 thing done to themselves. It doesn't matter if over half their body is fake, the whole damn show is fake and those women are all spoiled little shits that are screaming for attention because they're unhappy in their marriage or life.


Oh this dumb-ass bubble head needs to get a life and get a job, I mean a real JOB! Too much plastic surgery~oh she will be famous, but famous for having the most plastic surgery in ONE day that is.
Heidi~you will look like Donna Versace good for you! Looks like moving to Hollywood payed off huh?


No, no! I hope Camille stays, the show won't be the same without her. I started to like her more as time went on and by the end thought she was brave to face down all the criticism and own her mistakes. I wish they would get rid of Taylor or Kyle because I really can't stand watching either one of them. After seeing their dark abusive sides, don't think I can take watching them with their phony sweetness trying to show us how wonderful they are. Lisa Vanderpump is also getting on my nerves big time. St. Lisa of Rodeo Drive...she was a bully to Kim as well and ridiculed her throughout the series in that snarky way whenever Kyle was around. But she is amusing at least, so hope she stays on.


Please she has NO CLASS and if they cast her and that skank husband of hers then the network is at a new LOw


Where does it say there is going to be a RHOBV movie? Why? The show is bad enough. LOVED RHOOC but BH is horrible and to add those 2 ? Yuck. There is no word of any movie..... so before you call people stupid, verify your facts dear!


Spencer's "people" are talking to the RHWOBH "people"?? Ewe, he is a nothing and he made Heidi into a nothing and I would NEVER watch them on RHOBH, never! We had enough of their antics on the Hills, no thanks. Try to find fame somewhere else or how about this.... get a real job to pay for all that hideous plastic crap you added to your body. Nobody wants to see Spencer and Heidi on tv again. No class whatsoever for either of them, it is a shame to because before he came along, and she was hanging out with LC, she had class and was a great girl.


Hope she doesnt get cast...shell make the show even MORE lame!


Omg you guys are so stupid, shes talking about the movie JUST GO WITH IT! she plays the plastic surgeons wife. that why she said that

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