Hatched! Lady GaGa Performs "Born This Way" at the Grammy Awards

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Egged on to up the ante for each of her live performances, Lady GaGa took things to a new extreme at the Grammy Awards.

She showed up on the red carpet inside a shell, and proceeded to belt out a rendition of her latest single, "Born This Way." Is this song just a copy of a Madonna classic? That's up to listeners to decide.

But one thing is certain: The Material Girl never hatched herself on stage in order to kick off a performance. Watch GaGa do just that below and then grade her Grammy gig: What do you think?


someone needs to put this sad excuse of originality out of her misery. she thinks she is goes gift to music and she has it all figured out. i'm sorry i'll come back to her in three years and see where she is. she copies the greats, like madonna, mj, britney and many many others. she is NOT original! she is flying on others wings thinking she is hot shit. the performance at the grammy's left alot to be desired and so does everything else she does.


I dunno guys..............I'm not really loving the song & I adore Gaga.


Lady Gaga did NOT copy Madonna . Lady Gaga did it better i love the song .

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