Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry Clash Over Daughter's Tears, Race

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The custody battle between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry is growing uglier each day.

Throughout this week, sources have claimed that the model often berated the actress in despicable terms; while Berry replied by treating her child's father like a sperm bank.

At the center of this feud, of course, is two-year old Nahla. It was her reaction to spending time with Aubry in December that reportedly raised concerns for Berry.

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"She was crying and kicking and screaming. She was hanging onto her mother's legs so she didn't have to go," a insider tells People of a an incident around Christmas when her dad arrived to pick Nahla up.

Gabriel allegedly responded by "forcing" his daughter into his car. Ever since, terms of the parents' relationship have gone from amicable to extremely sour.

Meanwhile, TMZ quotes a source who says Aubry grew incensed any time Nahla was
referred to as "black."

Whenever the Canadian model would read such a reference, he supposedly demanded Berry contact the publication and ask for a "retraction."

There's been little said by Berry and Aubry themselves through this ordeal, making it difficult to know what/who to believe. The best we can do is hope that everyone remembers what's at stake here: the well-being of a little girl.


Halle Berry, take note: When 'EVERY' person you've ever dated turns into a 'monster' when it's over, you need to seriously look at your criteria in mates before running/clinging to the next one, ESPECIALLY now that you have a daughter. But we all know the REAL problem is NOT the men, it's HALLE. Chica needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror and get some SERIOUS help before she completely self-destructs (and damages a child in the process).


I usually don't care about such things as this, but it's too bad that this gorgeous couple with this beautiful child couldn't make a go of their relationship. They look so perfect together and their little girl is so stunning, they are the perfect little family visual. Now their lives get all messed up with nasty comments, fights, hostility and a negative possibly destructive effect on the life of their precious little girl. Tragic. I will say if Aubry makes racial slurs, he is an ass.


i always thot the hook up was a bad mix, Poor Halle Berry, to hav all that she has n the drama that comes with it


Also, notice the body language of this photo - HALLE'S in control (hands). She's just bitter because he dumped her. Now she's out to ruin his life. What a wretched, pathetic woman. None of us know the true character of either of these people but any decent mother would not stoop to the lows Halle Berry is using in this custody fight. So now "he's a racist"...pleeez. And THAT makes you run out and chase another WHITE man??! Chick, PLEASE. She has NO credibility.


Every man Halle's dated has been smeared by her after the break up. She's just a vindictive woman scorned because Aubrey didn't want her anymore. HER of all people to try to play the race card is despicable.

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