Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry Clash Over Daughter's Tears, Race

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The custody battle between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry is growing uglier each day.

Throughout this week, sources have claimed that the model often berated the actress in despicable terms; while Berry replied by treating her child's father like a sperm bank.

At the center of this feud, of course, is two-year old Nahla. It was her reaction to spending time with Aubry in December that reportedly raised concerns for Berry.

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"She was crying and kicking and screaming. She was hanging onto her mother's legs so she didn't have to go," a insider tells People of a an incident around Christmas when her dad arrived to pick Nahla up.

Gabriel allegedly responded by "forcing" his daughter into his car. Ever since, terms of the parents' relationship have gone from amicable to extremely sour.

Meanwhile, TMZ quotes a source who says Aubry grew incensed any time Nahla was
referred to as "black."

Whenever the Canadian model would read such a reference, he supposedly demanded Berry contact the publication and ask for a "retraction."

There's been little said by Berry and Aubry themselves through this ordeal, making it difficult to know what/who to believe. The best we can do is hope that everyone remembers what's at stake here: the well-being of a little girl.


When your child cries and holds on to your leg, you would take notice to that also if you are a good caring parent.Halle should always take notice when she sees something different about her child. As far as the race of Nahla the one with the problem is Gabriel. Why should it bother him if people refer to Nahla as Black. It didn't bother him when he slept with a black woman.This is a man that came from nothing and still doesn't have anything. It;s really strange that he is asking for child support now.Gabriel should get a real job and support his daughter on his own if he's a man.I guess he's looking for a new meal ticket.


Halle is doing the right thing and you haters out there should shut up.Do what's right for your daughter and as far as Kim K. I still haven't found out why she is a celebrity other than sleeping around with different black men with money and parading herself around with cheap tight clothes on.I wouldn't want my daughter around her either. Halle never said she had a problem with Kim, she just doesnt think this a someone she wants her daughter around and she has that right. Halle is in her 40's and looks like she's in her 20's. There is know way that Kim K. will look like that in her 40's. Kim looks older than she is already.Halle is a talented black women, but she should have seen him for what he was earlier in the game. Get rid of that loser and fight for what's right for your daughter. He's already asking for child support from her. Nahla is a meal ticket for him. He came from nothing and he'll never be anything.


Of course here we are with the race card again. Ok lets add it up. Nahla comes from a white father and biracial mother. Halle is white and black. Her mother is white. Her father black. So that makes Nahla.....3 quarters White. I hate when races do that. She is 3quarters White, 1 quarter black. Make sense. Thought so. She is not just black. Her black genes are not dominant here. Bt to be PC, shes mixed. Lolz


Hey pam we all r not jealous of halle at all. She needs 2 know everything isn't all about her all the time.she always has drama she wants 2 get oprah,entertainment 2 night wanting ppl 2 feel sorry 4 her and that every man she dated is crazy and hurt her cauz she didn't deserve it. I don't condon the things that happen 2 her bout the broad has problem she needs help. She mentally needs some help, anyway she jumps from one man 2 another now tell me how does that look she has a child what she wants the child 2 grow up thinking if one man don't work keep trying until u sleep with every one 2 find the right one.when she look back at her mothers past she will know her mom needs help or a whore one. Either way u lool at it halle needs 2 start admitting 2 herself that she. Has low self asteem.she needs J E S US ok star going 2 church and asking GOD 4 guidaince n help.running from man 2man is not the solution, cause this white man is going 2 do the same thing 2 just sit back n watch.peace out


To nana, your comment is what I was talking about. She may have had a bad childhood but I guess I get tired of her using that as an excuse for her bad relationships etc. She needs to get over it, that was a long time ago. We all have rough times in our lives but we move on.


I think we all understand that none of us knows or will ever know the real truth. But, that being said I will give my opinion here. I consider myself to be a pretty good judge of character. How people act and what they say really has an impact on me forever. I remember when she first came on the scene. Everyone was in love with her because of how beautiful she is. Then when I saw her in interviews, something about her just rubbed me the wrong way. There was an interview a long time ago about her and David and the things she said about him. Also, she has that "woe is me" attitude like she's looking for pity. I agree with others here about how her relationships have the same pattern. It's always them but never her. I think that makes her ugly. That I why I have never found her attractive.


Why r u ppl so concern about halle berry,she is one mixed up mixed breed lady. She always has drama when u had a the last man even though he had issues so did u girlfriend,if u had stayed home and b a wife 2 ur husband n stop running arond here wanting eveybody 2 think u r so fine and a good actress u wouldn't b n this situation u b in another but not this.why don't u leave all these men alone and find ur ass. Be by ur self and let ur child know u don't need a man 2r be happy u sell out cauz going white aint right.


You all sound like jealous women to me.


Why the hell is everyone jumping all over Halle?


Seems about right. After the way Halle behaved aduring/after her hit and run accident a few years ago, its hard to see her as a "beautiful" person in spite of her physical appearance.

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