Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry Clash Over Daughter's Tears, Race

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The custody battle between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry is growing uglier each day.

Throughout this week, sources have claimed that the model often berated the actress in despicable terms; while Berry replied by treating her child's father like a sperm bank.

At the center of this feud, of course, is two-year old Nahla. It was her reaction to spending time with Aubry in December that reportedly raised concerns for Berry.

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"She was crying and kicking and screaming. She was hanging onto her mother's legs so she didn't have to go," a insider tells People of a an incident around Christmas when her dad arrived to pick Nahla up.

Gabriel allegedly responded by "forcing" his daughter into his car. Ever since, terms of the parents' relationship have gone from amicable to extremely sour.

Meanwhile, TMZ quotes a source who says Aubry grew incensed any time Nahla was
referred to as "black."

Whenever the Canadian model would read such a reference, he supposedly demanded Berry contact the publication and ask for a "retraction."

There's been little said by Berry and Aubry themselves through this ordeal, making it difficult to know what/who to believe. The best we can do is hope that everyone remembers what's at stake here: the well-being of a little girl.

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@kasey My name isn't "rank"... You too should read before posting ridiculous rants. I'm so tired of you dingbats. My point in this blog was simple: no human being should be termed as a mixed breed; that assignation is generally applied to animals. America has been hung up on racial notions far too long, but multiracial kids like Nahla defy stereotypes. I think she is a beautiful child with 2 parents who only want what is best. My hope is that Halle will not use race as a weapon. Now Kasey, you can kiss my ass too; keep it moving jackass.


@rank,I was reading your comments to carol G u sound as though you have some personal issue your damn self.girl or dude you r suppose to be commenting about halle berry not worrying about what someone else think or say.honey you to are a worthless ole hag, try fool let other ppl comment on what they thought is not what you think.Everyone has the right. To express what's on their mind whether you agree with them or not, that's make me angry when ppl like you can express your opinion about someone and just because the other person thought or view is different from yours, you want (o be the judge and jury man shut the freak up becuse just like halle berry you to are freaking crazy as hell your damn self.I'm out.watch your crazy ass comment on this .you really should get a life all of you.I'm out this mess.


why does this childs race have to have anything to do with anything? i mean shes a beautiful little girl. isnt the only thing that should matter is that shes healthy and happy? we are ALL Gods children no matter what color our skin is.

Wv peach

@Miki... Bravo! Excellent commentary.

Wv peach

@ Carol G My, what an ignorant useless hag you are; as to be expected, your rant is still just as dumb. Do you even know how to spell properly or use punctuation? Obviously your mom was sucking on a crack-pipe when pregnant with your simple ass. I still stand by my statement that you sound stupid calling a human being a mixed breed. Are you that much of an imbecile? Hmmm, appears so. Kick rocks simpleton. Now on to better things; I sincerely hope these two can work out a plan to best benefit the tot. Gabriel is her father and should rightfully be a part of her life. I think Halle has relationship issues, but who doesn't? I'm sure it must be difficult to have your life splayed out in magazines and blogs. I just wish them all well. BTW, I agree with Gabriel: why must this child only be categorized as "black"? Again, the stereotypical race assignments need to be junked.


If my memory serves correctly and I'm pretty sure it does, the birth certificate show Aubrey as the FATHER of Halle's baby girl
and has (is ) going by his last name------------------until Berry
wanted out for whatever reasons and then all of a sudden jealously raises that ugly head! Halle thinks she's ALL her's.
In the Jen Aniston error; you do have to have a man to have a baby.Eggs and sperm have to connect. Remember Holly? I was waiting for this to happen. I knew you'd buck up when Aubrey got out.


@ RANK. U sound like I talked about ur moma cause the last I heard halle berry has only one child, a lillte girl not a damn wanna.b lil bitch what I said and everyone else that has an opinion about her is our business if u don't like it 2 damn bad.u have ur thoughts and u express them that's on u but u stay the hell away from WTF I'm talking about now gibber that bitch.what r u a spoke person for halle berry lol get a freak n life u sad excuse 4 a human being, by the way don't bother 2 comment cause I really hate 2 waste my time with likes of ur sorry ass ok trick oh my bad or fag.peace


What in the heck is Halle Berry's problem? As lovely and talented and accomplished as she is, she's always having mate problems. She's hardly in an amicable relationship. What is it? This guy, oh please, forget it!!!!

Wv peach

@ Carol Grant WTF are you talking about? Your rant is practically gibberish! Also note that you sound uncredibly stupid and racist calling Halle a "mixed breed". I understand Gabriel's issue with his child's presumed race; unfortunately the USA still abides by the one-drop rule. I'm sure Halle will be much more adept in explaining the intricacies of race and ethnicity to Nahla; however, Nahla's physical appearance will ultimately be societies judging factor. Some of these comments really sadden me; race will always be the divisive and highly contentious issues plaguing this world.


Halle does not want Nahla to have a life with her father and be apart of his world. Gabriel does not want Nahla to be apart of Halle's world. The life with Dad will be all white. Life with Mom will be mixed and mostly black. Halle may have fears about that. With Gabriel calling her white and the world calling Nahla Black!

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