Grammy Awards Fashion Face-Off: Miley Cyrus vs. Selena Gomez

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Someday, Miley Cyrus and/or Selena Gomez will be nominated for a Grammy Award.

Until then, however, we're happy to give these young stars something to fight over at the event: the title of THG Fashion Face-Off Champion!

Both Miley and Selena walked the red carpet of the ceremony last night, stopping to pose for fans and photographers. Neither arrived with her rumored boyfriend - Josh Bowman for Cyrus, Justin Bieber for Gomez - but each looked resplendent. Compare styles now and then vote on a winner:

Fashion Face-Off!

Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez both walked the Grammy Awards red carpet. Which young artist looked prettier at the event? View Poll »


Totally agree with @tammi and every one else Selena looks HOTT!!!M


Miley looks better selena lool a little old bit mileu looks way better


Miley's a skank. Selena looks better. Selena's not fake. @blaize odds are you're gonna comment again to fuck with all the "haters" just letting you know know, a majority of us dont care what you have to say so theres no point in wasting your time.


Both look pretty..both sing very good! Both have cool songs.. It's very hard to choose.. Miley have cool film (The Last Song).... hmm I think she is better.. I vote for her!


Selena all the way, she is totally classy from head to toe!
Go get it gulr!!


- i really think she looks better :)
i'm not a Selena Gomez fan , but umm
yeah she looks alright? Miley looks stunning-
as always =D


Even though im a girl i still agree with Jake....i love Mileys dress but just not on her bcz from the sides its just like plain and Selena her dress fits her like skin color and her body i think Selena looks prettier!!!


@Fids Miley clearly has more make up and jewelery on her in this picture... how is that more natural? Do you even know what the word means? Not everyone who works for Disney want to be superstars... Selena actually wants to be a Movie Star not a Pop star like Miley... and even if they did are you not allowed to have a dream because someone else shares the same dream? Really you need to get educated!!
And she isn't girly???? Then what is she??? Manly? You are hating on Sel because she is girly??? Really... she is a GIRL!!! She is a girl... a lady and a fine one at that!!! On the other hand l do understand why people tend to dislike Selena, if l was a teenage girl (maybe with braces, fat, pimply or just not appealing) l would hate her too!!! At Jake was right that girl really is achingly gorgeous.... l would be jealous of her if l was a girl too.


wat u pple thnk i don care but i really like both of them especially Miley I love her,she is beautiful,her voice is amazing n she actually deserve 2 b da pop queen.After Hannah Montana, Miley became a superstar through Disney channel n look now every1 working 4 Disney wants 2 become a Miley is looking natural here coz she is
trying everything on herself which actually shows dat she rules her world she is bold enough 2 b da best n do not want just 2 b like always girly........i vote 4 Miley coz she is looking beautiful den Selena....


They both look beautiful. I aint taking sides cuz i'm a fan of both,especially miley. U guys both look gorgeous and u guys rock! Haters have nothing better to do but criticize...get a damn life and admit to ur insecurities! If u hate either one sooo much then why go on here? U must REALLY hate their guts! Pleeaassseee!!! Leave them the hell alone simple as that.

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