Grammy Awards Fashion Face-Off: Miley Cyrus vs. Selena Gomez

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Someday, Miley Cyrus and/or Selena Gomez will be nominated for a Grammy Award.

Until then, however, we're happy to give these young stars something to fight over at the event: the title of THG Fashion Face-Off Champion!

Both Miley and Selena walked the red carpet of the ceremony last night, stopping to pose for fans and photographers. Neither arrived with her rumored boyfriend - Josh Bowman for Cyrus, Justin Bieber for Gomez - but each looked resplendent. Compare styles now and then vote on a winner:

Fashion Face-Off!

Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez both walked the Grammy Awards red carpet. Which young artist looked prettier at the event? View Poll »

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Selean of corse! Miley has horrible style:(


of course Miley! Selena's dress is sooooo boring. Unlike Miley she doesn't have her own style. Clothes that she wears on concerts or any awards are all sparkling. Eeeeew!


Loook u stupid ases miley will always will be better that shit that haves 00000000 talent


@jealousbitches..Hello who ever u r...u said i m not educated first look at urself rather then me if u r educated den u will never point out other people views like u did 2 me.Its my opinion n lemme clear i said i like both of dem dats means i m not jealous infact ur name itself shows how much jealous u r........i said she is natural b'coz she is not fake...watever is der Miley shows i m not talkin abt makeup...every celeb use makeup 2 look beautiful no 1 is der who come infront of camera without makeup most probably including Selena n other thng u said Selena shud b girly not manly my statement means she shud try sumthng bold she shud come wid what she is rather den bein always girly,bubly dat means showing sweetness which shows a fake image as opposite 2 Miley......


i love miley she's got her style selena is a copier!! damn selena is sucks


I love both miley and selena they are both very styleish and cute so it is very hard desision but I'm going 2 have 2 go for miley because she is a inspiration and I love her deeply.:)


Miley of course duh! But selena looks good too! But miley has the best chase.


i love you miley


selena is cuter


MILEY OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILEY ARE THE BEST EEEEEEEEEEVER!!!!!!! miley is very very sexy!