Grammy Awards Fashion Face-Off: Kelly Osbourne vs. Snooki

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They're no Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, but Kelly Osbourne and Snooki made red carpet appearances at the Grammy Awards last night themselves.

What do you think of the E! celebrity fashion critic's own ensemble? How does that compare with the orange Jersey Shore star and her gigantic poof?

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Fashion Face-Off!

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I actually loveeeeee Snooki's Jovani Couture dress. It's the best she has ever looked! Admit it!


sorry but i love snooki!!!!


bahahahah- snookie looks like rosanne mated with a troll doll!!!


Prego or beer gut? Hard to say at this point...


@freespirit114 and @Monkey
i kno right this Snooki thing has gone on for way to long just like Kim Kardashian....and true what WERE They doing at the Grammys?!?!......although Kelly loos AMAZING i think ive see this dress before on her im not so sure but yea...


like are you pregnate


This snooki thing is way overrated!! She looks stupid as always.
Kelly on the other hand, has improved her looks immensely since DTS. Good for her!!


Kelly hands down!! Dancing with the Stars was the best thing that happened to her...when she lost that weight, it gave her SO much confidence!


Why the hell is Snooki at the grammys? She looks like she is pregnant in that dress!
Kelly O. may be far from perfect but she can sing and has done some good for others in the recent past. Snooki however is nothing.

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