Grammy Awards Fashion Face-Off: John Mayer vs. Matthew Morrison

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We just saw Adam Lambert take on The Situation in a celebrity style showdown. Now here's a face-off featuring a pair of slightly more similar stars. Slightly.

John Mayer may be a Grade A Douchebag, but he's won his share of Grammys. Matt Morrison and the Glee cast have their work cut out to match his haul.

Rihanna in Vogue

Which hunk looked handsomer at the awards show last night, however? It may be a relatively even matchup, but we leave it to your votes to decide:

Fashion Face-Off!

Who looked better at the Grammys, singer slash songwriter John Mayer or Glee cast member Matthew Morrison? View Poll »


is john mayer trying to look like jonny depp or something???


Your right douchbags too harsh...D*ck is much better!


why so much John Mayer hate?


I think putting "douchebag" on one side kind of tips the scales, don't you? Kind of immature and irrelevant if you ask me.

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