Grammy Awards Fashion Face-Off: Adam Lambert vs. The Situation

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It might be difficult to think of two celebrities with less in common than Adam Lambert and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino.

One is gay, the other is straight. One sings on stage, the other blows whistles on grenades. One was invited to the Grammy Awards last night because he was nominated in a major category, the other might have been the least talented individual on the red carpet (no offense, Kim Kardashian).

But such contrasts only make for a more intriguing Fashion Face-Off, don't you think? Compare Adam with Sitch below and then vote on the style champion. Who wore his outfit best?

Fashion Face-Off!

Adam Lambert and The Situation both showed up on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards. But only one can walk away as the winner of this Fashion Face-Off. View Poll »


of course Adam is the greatest one he rocks !!!!!!!! i like that outfit it's so sexy and chic


Mike he got something Adam don't have SWAGG !


Even the question is obvious.....ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!


Adam won hands down, stylish & sexy. He looked absolutely gorgeous!


Really, do you need to ask. Adam should have first prize for the best outfit on the red carpet, he looked so stunning and gorgeous. Everything from his hair to his feet, how can you compare, in fact it's an insult to compare him to the situation.


Does anyone know where Adam's jacket is from? I want it!


Hey "Vic February 14th, 2011 10:58 AM" - then why did you click on the article? You gotta it for one of them, or you have a lot of free time on your hands if you're taking the time to not only click on, but comment on, an article that involves two people of whom you enjoy neither.... hhhmmm, curious.


OH! Please!! Do you really have to ask?? No contest!! ADAM is STUNNING ... no comment on the other guy!!


Yuck to both!


Adam rocked it, but the REAL question is why is Situation even there??

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