Glee to Channel Justin Bieber: First Look!

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Following weeks of speculations, unnamed source reporting and various Glee spoilers, we can finally confirm: yes, this Fox hit will cover a couple Justin Bieber songs.

But, no, the 16-year old sensation won't appear on the episode in question.

On the February 15 installment ("Comeback"), Sam (Chord Overstreet, who is allegedly dating co-star Naya Rivera) will start a tribute band in an attempt to win over Quinn. Can you guess the artist to whom this student will pay tribute? Check out the following photos and see for yourself:

Does Sam's impression of Justin Bieber make U Smile?


um he's ok at Justin Beiber but if you saw glee yesterday RIGHT after the super bowl Quinn kissed Finn so i feel really sorry for Sam right now Quinn cheated on him!


justin bieber i hotter....but this is ok too...


Wow justin bieber call me i love you soooooooooooooo much justin bieber


Or just as long as its NOT prepubescent Bieber singing the songs I can tolerate them...Glee three words: NEED MORE SHOWTUNES!!!
So what if they fit in with the "Drag Queen's Ipod" line spoken in the season opener...we still need more showtunes


As long as they semi-mock Bieber I'll be happy...I hope they have a bit of Rachel throwing up in her mouth whenever they say his name

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