Fashion Face-Off: Vanessa Hudgens vs. Stacy Keibler

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Vanessa Hudgens may or may not be casually sleeping with Zac Efron. But she's definitely wearing the same dress as Stacy Keibler in the images below.

The Beastly actress chose fuchsia pumps to complement the following outfit at a recent magazine event, while the former WWE Diva went with black platforms in Las Vegas.

We wish we could crown both these beauties champion, but that's not how a Fashion Face-Off works. Make one woman's day right here and now, folks:

Fashion Face-Off!

Two beauties. One dress. Compare the looks of Vanea Hudgens and Stacy Keibler give one of these sexy stars your vote. View Poll »


vanessa's much cuter than stacey....
but i think stacey wore it better... but im still on vanessa's side! :)
love you so much!
go Filipina pride! :)


ok first of all you can see vanessas bra i think?? and her hair is just a mess, too messy for the messy look. i think stacey wore it better! she looks gorgeous!!


I believe individually Vanessa is more beautiful but Stacey had the best legs in wwe and fills out the dress better. You wont catch me voting against Ms. Hudgens often but Stacey has the win here.


Vanessa more beauty...:x:X
luv her sm' :*:*


Vanessa's black sandals spoils da overall luk. Her bra is visible whch is very low standard! Her hair luk as if she jst washed dem n 4got 2 dnt dry em. Stacy's legs r nt gd bt da way she is caryn da drs is commendable! Infact it luks lik dese 2 jst exchanged dere profession!


Vanessa look gorgeous, like always. She rocks the dress in everyway & that Stacey girl got some really ugly legs. So no competition: Nessa.


Is vanessa's bra sticking out? Either way, she wears the dress better than stacey. Stacey's legs are kinda ugly in this.


Vanessa wears that dress suits her better too

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