Fashion Face-Off: Lindsay Lohan Courtroom Style!

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Judging by the way she dresses for court, one can understand why the D.A. and judge aren't exactly going easy on Lindsay Lohan during plea bargain talks.

Topping the sexy white dress from her arraignment earlier this month was a tall order for the accused felon, but she gave it a nice run with a low-cut top today.

Pretty amazing that this is how she dresses to go get berated by a judge who may well throw her in jail, but it's not like she has a career to get dolled up for.

This is the only exposure she gets these days, and she might as well enjoy her nice clothes now before the prison-issued jumpsuit is her only option. Right?

Right. So what's Lohan's best look as she looks to avoid lockup? Vote!

Fashion Face-Off!

She sure dresses in her most professional attire to get berated by a judge. What's Lindsay Lohan's best look for court? Vote on her recent two outfits here! View Poll ยป


Lindsay is a trailblazing fashion icon. What a stunningly beautiful face and risk taker style. Legend. She can't win, either way with fatties who have nothing better to do than read gossip pages. Get a life of your own, star in a movie with Meryl Streep, then judge.


I think she looks cute.. If she wore a sack dress People would complain that she isn't dressing up Enough! Get over it!!!


Why dont she just show up NAKED next time! Lolz. I mean cmon where do you draw the line on courtroom attire? In Ohio you would get sent out of the courtroom 2go home and change. Shes constantly on stage. Geez she cant even be normal to go to court 4 a very serious FELONY charge. She shouldve been told to dress down and conservative. I mean damn.....its only her FREED0M at stake here! Lolz

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