Faith Hill Super Bowl Commercial: Funny or Tasteless?

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Overtly sexual ads shoved down our throats is not exactly rare (see last night's Kim Kardashian Super Bowl commercial), but Faith Hill threw us for a bit of a loop.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, the country singer's spot for Teleflora played out very sweetly ... before throwing a crude one-liner in America's lap.

The upside? Because it's Faith Hill, the punchline was unexpected and well executed. The downside? It's Faith Hill. The straight-laced star's fans may disapprove.

What do you think? Funny and harmless, or too far? Check it out ...

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People please IT WAS FUNNY!!!!!There are worse commercials out there, get over it, I love Faith Hill, this commercial is not going to stop me from loving her, SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!


get over yourselves.... this was tame, and by far one of the funniest commercials of the evening. would you rather he had said boosom? come on now. great commercial


Disgusting, Faith Hill and Telaflora should be embarressed.


I was floored when I saw this commercial. Why do you think you have to have such a disgusting commercial to sell your flowers? Really???? For one thing, there are children watching. I am very surprised at Faith Hill. I had more respect for her than this....I would not pick Teleflora for any of my flower purchases. Get a life and start selling flowers in a more appropriate way.


I'll bet Ben Roethlisberger would think it hilarious, while Aaron Rodgers would think it a bit unfunny knowing that kids are watching. One man (boy), a pig, and the other full of class.


The problem is - there are so many kids watching the commercials.
I didn't really appreciate having to explain that one to my 10 yr. old son whom I am trying to raise to have respect for females. I am assuming that anyone who doesn't have a problem with the "rack" reference would also not have a problem when their teenage daughter's boyfried says "Mrs. Smith your daughter has a great rack!" Or , would you? Think about it. I wonder what Faith Hill would think if someone said that to her daughters. Would she laugh?


Try explaining to your 7-year-old daughter what "nice rack" means.


haha it was funny!i like the end where she goes "so you sent that?"


I think it's funny! My husband LOVED it


What's the problem with this ad? I thought I was missing something as everyone is saying what's wrong with this ad. I think it's funny.