Faith Hill Super Bowl Commercial: Funny or Tasteless?

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Overtly sexual ads shoved down our throats is not exactly rare (see last night's Kim Kardashian Super Bowl commercial), but Faith Hill threw us for a bit of a loop.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, the country singer's spot for Teleflora played out very sweetly ... before throwing a crude one-liner in America's lap.

The upside? Because it's Faith Hill, the punchline was unexpected and well executed. The downside? It's Faith Hill. The straight-laced star's fans may disapprove.

What do you think? Funny and harmless, or too far? Check it out ...

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Hilarious! airjfvsldefcklll


I have loved Faith Hill since she came on the scene! The fact that I am disappointed by her choice with this commercial is an understatment... I wonder how she would feel if some random guy sent that card to her daughter? My husband and I would be sure that the kid didn't stand a chance... who wants some young man dating your daughter when thats all he can think to say- Pig. Poor choice!!!!


I notice a difference in comments by those of you with and without kids. Can't we have intelligent and decent humor without crude/rude words regardless of the age of the viewer. Think Bill Cosby or Bob Hope. Throwing in bad language and overwhelming sexual innuendos just show bad taste in my opinion. Cheap humor is just For those of you who think using rack is cool in an unrated venue, what's next to make you laugh - real nudity and the F-word in primetime? Check yourselves and how desensitized you are if you are not at least uncomfortable by some of the crass commercials.


Thought it was cute . . . was good for the audience intended and was clever for the 30 second spot. You all must have not heard her say . . . "You sent that . . . " which indicated she thought it was not a wise thing for him to do. Compared to TV today and everything that is on it (including American idol, Glee and many, many other popular shows that kids watch) I'm amazed at the comments on Faith's commercial.


She doesn't give a hoot one way about any of you or your comments. She's makin' a buck and that's the bottom line. She has daughters & femininity is important to her. When they are old enough Faith will show them how they can make the most of their "racks" too!!!!


I have to say as mother of adult children I still find this commercial over the top. We have over the years relaxed our standards as Americans and really as people and this is unacceptable. We as people are better than this (and to be fair there were a lot more commercials that were at least as racy). I would have been mortified if my children witnessed this with us. There were certain programs we would not watch with our children because of the impropriety (and the children were not allowed to watch). I find myself cringing watching the impropriety, the "dumb man" portrayals as well as the "dumb parent/smarty pants kids" dynamic on many shows. Many people feel that this is progress. I think we are short changing ourselves and our children. We as a society need to find a little more self respect and respect for each other.


Tasteless & disappointing. Not someone I want my daughters looking up to. Faith's idea or not....does she want her daughters to hear that?


I don't think that it was tasteless rather it wasn't a good commercial because I had no idea what they were even selling. The point of a commercial is for the viewer to actually know what you are intending to sell.


I thought it was super funny! When I heard Faith Hill was going to be in a flower ad, I was expecting it to be BORRRING. This was memorable, edgy and fun. And to everyone who says, "My kids were watching!!!" -- it's the Superbowl, not Spongebob Squarepants. The commercials are always edgy (GoDaddy? Carl's Jr? Kim Kardashian? etc etc). Your kid was going to find out what "rack" meant eventually.


Seriously people!! This was the funniest commercial of all of them! I crack up every time I watch it.