Faith Hill Super Bowl Commercial: Funny or Tasteless?

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Overtly sexual ads shoved down our throats is not exactly rare (see last night's Kim Kardashian Super Bowl commercial), but Faith Hill threw us for a bit of a loop.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, the country singer's spot for Teleflora played out very sweetly ... before throwing a crude one-liner in America's lap.

The upside? Because it's Faith Hill, the punchline was unexpected and well executed. The downside? It's Faith Hill. The straight-laced star's fans may disapprove.

What do you think? Funny and harmless, or too far? Check it out ...

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That was relatively funny, not great, but more importantly, anyone that complains about this commercial being tasteless, or you are offended by it, you really need to get out more, you are totally stuck in 1940 people, jeez, get over yourselves.


A seven year old does not have the money to buy a bouquet of flowers, so clearly the ad was targeted toward an older audience. It's contemporary, not racy, and Faith represented herself rather well given the circumstances. The ad is hilarious and represents all parties involved nicely and in a funny enough way to garner attention during the Super Bowl. Faith is a mother too and I'm sure she keeps her girls in mind with everything she does. She's probably not nearly as stuck up as most of the people posting negative comments about how classless the ad is. It's not vulgar, it's funny. Get over it.


GREAT COMMERCIAL!! Faith looks FAULOUS and has class like always. It is funny and whitty. I dont think that "rack" is a bad term and I am sure you could hear much worse in a school yard! Five stars for Faith.


So disappointed in Faith! I really thought she had more class. wonder how she will feel if some young man comments on her daughters "rack". So sad to see what it takes to entertain most Americans these days.


Really?....This is what you have to be "concerned about"


The new teleflora commercial with Faith Hill is completely tasteless. I think that it is inappropriate to talk refer to a woman's breasts as her "rack" on tv when trying to sell flowers for Valentine's Day. I thought Ms. Hill had more respect for women and for herself.


You have children Faith. Shame on you. Way to lower the bar.


You are all missing the irony and complete moronic developement behind this commercial. I can't believe that an ad agency would even approach Faith Hill. The irony in all of this is the kid doesn't know how to express himself...he can't find the words to he turns to (are you kidding me) Faith Hill ??? Check the facts people...Faith Hill doesn't write ANY of her own songs. Putting expression from mind to paper is something she knows NOTHING about. Granted she can sing, but she can't write, and that's what the commercial is all about. What a laugher.


Not sure why everyone is making a big deal. Faith didn't do anything wrong she was not promoting what he sent and didn't laugh at his remark,in fact she questioned his comment. I think the ballplayers attitudes and words they say (read lips) is far more damaging. As always, Faith gets a bad rap...Super Bowl has always received poor reviews on their commercials so why let your kid watch them?


I simply adore Faith Hill and this commercial doesn't change my view of her at all. If you want to be angry or disappointed, be that with all of the people BEHIND the scenes. As for Faith agreeing to do the commercial, good for her.