Esperanza Spalding: Threatened By Beliebers!

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Once again, Justin Bieber fans have taken their love of this artist to a disturbing extreme.

For the third time - first, regarding Kim Kardashian; then, in reaction to Justin's relationship with Selena Gomez - Beliebers have actually issued death threats against someone with whom they take issue.

In response to Esperanza Spalding taking home the Best New Artist Grammy last night, Bieber followers edited the singer's Wikipedia page to include such horrific entries as "JUSTIN BIEBER DESERVED IT GO DIE IN A HOLE." The page has since been scrubbed clean, but here's a look at it from last night:


Fans would do well to follow the reaction of their idol, who Tweeted after the event:

Its been & still is a dream to win a grammy. Was I upset...yes. But I was happy for her also. Someone said to me tonight its not your successes that define u but your failures. I lost..but I don't plan on this being my last chance.

It's also difficult to argue with Spalding's talent. Just listen to THIS PERFORMANCE she gave at the White House. Rather incredible, isn't she?


I understand that fangirl-ism goes hand in hand with being a teenage girl, but the behavior of these "fans" who have way too much time on their hands is pathetic. If anything, Esperanza would be a great role model for these girls (perhaps "Beliebers" should try reading her Wikipedia page instead of defacing it)...


hehe i kinder agree to the fans, well justin is great talent and really i have no freaking idea who she is, i actully though it was a he until i finish reading the offence


Oh god Bieber fans are being retarded, inmature and selfish. They attack such an amazing musician who yeah maybe she's not at the top of the charts, but that doesn't mean she's not talented, and that's what these freaks need to get in their head. And seriously? death threats? It's sad, it really is. Esperanza you go girl you are great, talented, beautiful girl and you deserve that grammy 100% don't let those believers get you down, you are one of a kind!!! :D


Shhhh is in dire need of a Music Appreciation class in high school and college. Anything that is not Bieber isn't "wierd," and not just "wierd and old people" listen to jazz and opera. I enjoy jazz music cause I can dance to it and it feels soulful and even though opera isn't my forte I highly appreciate it and I sang an opera song for a state music competition and received a superior rating. I don't know too much about Ms. Spalding either but she must have done something great to receive that award... I will be able to tolerate Bieber's songs on "Glee" this week-mainly because Chord Overstreet and the rest of the boys will sing them better-but I bet "Glee" is too "weird" for you too since everything else on the show is not Bieber and there's (gasp) showtunes.


You crazy Bieber fans give fangirls everywhere a bad name; ESPECIALLY your fellow Bieber-lovers. You're more agressive and annoying than Twilight fangirls... and some of my fellow TwiHards are seriously fucking annoying. Get lives.
"Justin Bieber deserved it! She should go die in a hole!"
Number one; if you seriously think she should die because she won a stupid award, you have issues and should be checked into a mental institution IMMEDIATELY.
Number two; Let me ask you this: What if she did die? What if one of your psycho fellow fans decided to execute her for "stealing" Justin Bieber's possible award (which, btw, he really didn't deserve, because, as has been said by others, he is NOT a NEW artist), how would you feel then? You'd feel pretty stupid. You'd feel like an asshole. And if you're saying that crap in the first place, you ARE an asshole. And don't say it won't happen. It's Hollywood. Anything can happen. Think about what you're gonna say before you say shit.


One silver lining to this: This whole incident will expose how image/fashion and fame driven the whole popular music industry is. It'll also expose how ever more retarded our youth are becoming. These kids are basically harassing an amazing accomplished musician who already was a "best new artist" caliber player years ago. Someone who didn't even need this award to go on to a "hall of fame" career. Her success is purely based on her skills and talents, zero percent of it has to do with her looks or celebrity.


Seriously you people who are okay with this are seriously sick and sad. Just because you have zero tolerance to Jazz music and don't know who she is doesn't mean she didn't deserve it. The Grammys are the Kids Choice Awards sorry to disappoint you. Heidi Davis, I hope you go to hell you ignorant fuck. Thank you.


wow that is really harsh im a fan of justin but im dont go and write things like that. he never won the grammy award, so what he can win one next year or the year before that... :)


I agree with Heidi. Who in the hell was that girl?! I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure anyone who watches the grammys doesn't listen to jazz or whatever she sings. My opinion is that she sucked. It sounds like freakin opera. Only weird and old people listen to that stuff. So Justin Bieber should have won it and at least if he didn't drake should have. I'm pretty sure everyone knows who drake and jb are. But no one knows who that weird lady is.


yeah their alot of kids are very talent kids out their don't win but they don't give up and they keep tring again,you can't win all the time keep your head held high,good luck to you'll and have fun and god bless you

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