Esperanza Spalding: Threatened By Beliebers!

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Once again, Justin Bieber fans have taken their love of this artist to a disturbing extreme.

For the third time - first, regarding Kim Kardashian; then, in reaction to Justin's relationship with Selena Gomez - Beliebers have actually issued death threats against someone with whom they take issue.

In response to Esperanza Spalding taking home the Best New Artist Grammy last night, Bieber followers edited the singer's Wikipedia page to include such horrific entries as "JUSTIN BIEBER DESERVED IT GO DIE IN A HOLE." The page has since been scrubbed clean, but here's a look at it from last night:


Fans would do well to follow the reaction of their idol, who Tweeted after the event:

Its been & still is a dream to win a grammy. Was I upset...yes. But I was happy for her also. Someone said to me tonight its not your successes that define u but your failures. I lost..but I don't plan on this being my last chance.

It's also difficult to argue with Spalding's talent. Just listen to THIS PERFORMANCE she gave at the White House. Rather incredible, isn't she?

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I agree on the commantaire of ebay but one thing i hate selena gomez she will run to all boys wait she broke up to jb she goes to another boy ok selena gomez i wish you the best i love you justin bieber


Bottom line, too many Americans are obsessed with celebrities and their lives. People need to start thinking about how to make their own lives a success.


Heidi,just because you or your friends don't know Ms. Spalding, it doesn't mean she did not deserve the award. That's equivalent to people who suggest that if they've never seen something, it doesn't exist. This is egocentric thinking fueled my fanaticism. Also, you should be careful what you wish on others. It could return to you tenfold.


I hate Selena Gomez but I like her songs. I just don't know will they last,If his happy with with Selena Gomez then he should go with it.Just leave them alone!


Ehm...justin bieber is the best, although he a lose


Ummmm... I think some girls with the Bieber fever have to get a reality check, cause to me it's looking like they think Justin will win every award there is to offer. Which to me doesn't sound like reality, to me it sounds like greed.


Idont hate her. Idont hope she dies but ikinda thought the Grammys were for you know.. talent that was actually KNOWN like seriously shes an okay singer but know one knows who the heck she is theres WAAAYY better people that were nominated


I saw some of the tweets sent with death threats and was sickened by it. Twitter needs to become more responsible and take action quickly in these situations. I follow a singer who gets threats often (no doubt also Beliebers, they get very jealous) and it takes many, many fans to block the person(s)before twitter takes action. These people should then not be allowed any accounts, no matter what name or email address they use to sign up with. It is very upsetting for us fans to read as I'm sure it is for our fave artist. Being a child does not excuse such behaviour. Also, Esperanza deserved to win she is incredible. I was not familiar with her either, but I am now.


Would have been interesting, to know the average age of those voting. Seems to be Lady Antebellum won 1 too many awards!! Drake really deserved some recognition!!


A mother of 40 something was complaining on her facebook page because Bieber hadn't won..true she still has teen daughters..but grow up lady! Bieber got his standing ovation/Usher..that's enough for 1 evening!!

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