Eminem, Rihanna & Dr. Dre Grammy Awards Performance: Watch Now!

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In perhaps the most anticipated event of the 2011 Grammy Awards, Eminem took the stage with Rihanna, Skylar Grey and Dr. Dre for a seven-minute performance.

Eminem and Rihanna opened with Part II of their collaborative hit, “Love The Way You Lie,” and as her vocals soared, Eminem appeared amid a fiery background.

Rihanna sounded so good, you'd never know she battled laryngitis and bronchitis leading up to the show, while Eminem's animated effort was brilliant as usual ...

After "Love the Way You Lie," he performed another slow-building track with female backing. Skylar Grey joined in on "I Need a Doctor," as did his one-time mentor.

Dr. Dre himself came on stage for the last verse, putting the finishing touch on this star-studded effort. Take a look above if you missed it and comment below.


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Rihanna = the most overrated singer of all time. Insert any person in this spot and it's the same. Ashanti, Ciara, Katy Perry, J.Lo, it's all the same. Please let's give sideshow Bob a rest, she sucks.


EMINEM ROCKED the stage droppen killer rymes like only he can go back to listening to Justin Bieber.STUPID TWAT!!!


They did an amazing job!!!omg eminem may be kinda old but he sure is fuckin HAWT!!!


i love eminem!!!!! he's so great!!! in terms of rapping!!!!!!


eminem f#*ken rocks


Here she goes again Rhinna riding on someone elses coat tails can't she do anything by herself? She is such a poser and a waste of space.


I don't know how anyone can say that Rihanna sounded bad at this performance. It's the usual haters. I don't even care for Rihanna but I thought she really soared last night. Now Skylar? THAT is who sounded weak, especially when she first started out. Let's be real here.


That was a tight performance by all three of them ! Keep bringing it! Let's see who going to put it down this all-star weekend !


Rhianna took di tage and eminem it was awsome, rhianna wasnt feeling gud either but she prove herself dat she is the best

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