Eminem Chrysler 200 Super Bowl Commercial: Imported From Detroit

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Hyped as Super Bowl commercials may be, most are gimmicky and quite forgettable. Chrysler's effort featuring the Motor City's own Eminem was anything but.

Two minutes of gritty footage set to the rapper's "Lose Yourself" served as both an homage to Detroit's past and a look to the future in introducing the Chrysler 200.

Moving doesn't usually describe ads during football, but it sure applies here as the iconic American brand - and city - defiantly picks itself up off the mat.

With an assist from Eminem and a gospel choir, this is a bad ass commercial ...

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One of the best commercials I have ever seen. It gave me goose bumps.




This was an awesome commercial! Detroit is on its way back! It will once again concur because of the people and the love for this City! There is no other place in the world like Detroit!


Unless you are from There, you probably won't get it...chills I mean! :o)


Pure genius. Whoever does marketing for Chrysler deserves a raise. "What we make, makes us!" is another great phrase. Simple, direct and powerful. Reinhards-Fraser


not a family commercial. Why the cursing. very sad.


Loved it! Eminem, Kid Rock and others know that the motor city is much more then the bad rap it always gets. It's rich in history, diverse in culture and it's never say never gives it hope for the future. Yes, I'm gonna buy American my friends. My Fav of the night.Everyone in my house dug it.


Imported from Detroit...except for the parts they import from Mexico, Canada & China.


Dave is just mad cause his city wasn't important enough to have its own Super Bowl commercial. Haters gonna hate.
I am Imported from Detroit.


Best commercial ever!
Still gives me chills to watch it this morning.