Eminem Chrysler 200 Super Bowl Commercial: Imported From Detroit

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Hyped as Super Bowl commercials may be, most are gimmicky and quite forgettable. Chrysler's effort featuring the Motor City's own Eminem was anything but.

Two minutes of gritty footage set to the rapper's "Lose Yourself" served as both an homage to Detroit's past and a look to the future in introducing the Chrysler 200.

Moving doesn't usually describe ads during football, but it sure applies here as the iconic American brand - and city - defiantly picks itself up off the mat.

With an assist from Eminem and a gospel choir, this is a bad ass commercial ...

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I agree will Bill. Incredible commercial. It was not just about the product, it was about pride, humanity, love of ones own city and the people you live with. It was moving, inspiring and I stopped in my tracks once I recognized what was happening.
Kudos to Eminem for taking such a courageous and
remarkable statement about a once great city trying to reinvent itself.


Whilst this ad did not inspire me to even step foot on a Fiat-Chrysler dealership, I loved the ad itself. Some of the hottest fires forged Detroit and those hot fires stretched across the state. The Sitdown Strikes broke the chains that held people down. Those peopel created a thriving middle class and a thriving US. Pollution almost killed our lakes in the 70's and 80's and we fought to clean our air, land, and water. And still through the super highs and the near-death blows, Detroit and Michigan are still fighting to be great again. I raise my glass to Fiat-Chrysler. We have one more shot, we cannot miss this chance.


Great looking car but I would be completely embarrassed to drive a vehicle endorsed or promoted by Eminem


@amy Cursing? Do you mean hell? Haha. Repressed. Why don't you and your sister wives put some bump-its in your inbred kids' hair, damn. And randyjacksonsbutt(accurate name) you're probably from Ohio, try not to light any rivers on fire and respect your elders, kapeesh?


I am not an Eminem fan, but that song has always done something for me. It has a level of emotion not usually found in today's music, much less in rap. Putting that with the message and the video was outstanding, whether you like American cars or not. Well done.


@randyjacksonsbutt May I kick your ass?


Personally, I don't see how this commercial is very good. 1. Chrysler is not a car you want to get unless you are 50 and over.
2. Detroit is still Detroit. The sun isn't going to shine any brighter on that God forsaken city than it already has.
3. I've never really taken Eminem seriously (come on, he's a white rapper that constantly acts angry and misunderstood yet he has made more money than any artist this century) but didn't I just see him in a commercial endorsing iced tea? Iced Tea people. Iced Tea.


I wouldn't buy a Chrysler or GM if I had to they took bailout money and I will never forgive or forget. Ford is now my company.


Dave....You're a moron.


Best commercial ever. My favorite of the night.