Eliza Kruger Picture: Underage Girlfriend of Mark Sanchez Revealed!

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Yesterday, we reported that New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez "hooked up" last month with a striking, rich girl from Connecticut at his home.

That's not shocking for a handsome, star athlete. The reason this is a story is that Eliza Kruger is a junior ... in HIGH SCHOOL. She's 17 years old.

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They flirted at a hip Manhattan nightclub on New Year's (guess the kids on Gossip Girl aren't the only teens who get in), and took it from there.

We now have a picture to go with the name of Sanchez's underage tight end. So what's Eliza Kruger look like? See for yourself after the jump ...

There you go. Nice to meet you, Eliza Kruger. Two thoughts here:

  1. She's cute, sure. Jamie Lynn Spears-esque. But forget physical attraction, what does a 24-year-old star NFL QB even talk to a 17-year-old about?
  2. Apparently, the age of consent is 17 in New York and 16 in New Jersey. But did Sanchez have to buy her that cigarette? Way to corrupt a minor!

What do you think? Is it cool to date a 17-year-old?


Well I think this chick saw $$$ signs myself. And what poor judgement on his part. But, I must agree with the above. Why was she in that club in the first place, and shame on her mom.


Well, if he smashed that..... not impressed. She looks so cool as well, smoking that cigarette!!! *palm to forehead* I'm with Free Britney... I'll wait till their together 26 years and then eat my words!!


17 and 24? This is ridiculous! She's plenty old. Id already had like ten men by 17 and they were all older. I'm not as aggresive as I maybe was in my youth, but I dont regret any of them. Sex and flirting and relationships and dating are all part of growing up and he's still a young man himself!


What she was 17? My state goes down to 15!


Isn't it against the law to take a minor over state lines? Consenting or not? And damn, she's only a junior? Is going to go to her prom?


Sanchez has his pick of any single super model over 21 in the world why even try to pick up a high school kid. Have U ever talk to a high school girl? Not a lot there for a 24 year old mega star. Use your head Sanchez you pervert.


Btw... they're both totally average-looking, so, naturally, their kids will b drop-dead-gorgeous. -deadpans- eyeroll. moving right along...


43 and 50 are 1 thing...17 and 24 are ANOTHER


Bo derek was married for 25 years and she was way younger

Free britney

- It's not Jamie Lynn Spears. - I never said he bought her cigarettes. It was an obvious joke. - You're totally right, Mark and Eliza will make us eat our words when they are still together 26 years from now.

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