Eliza Kruger Picture: Underage Girlfriend of Mark Sanchez Revealed!

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Yesterday, we reported that New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez "hooked up" last month with a striking, rich girl from Connecticut at his home.

That's not shocking for a handsome, star athlete. The reason this is a story is that Eliza Kruger is a junior ... in HIGH SCHOOL. She's 17 years old.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

They flirted at a hip Manhattan nightclub on New Year's (guess the kids on Gossip Girl aren't the only teens who get in), and took it from there.

We now have a picture to go with the name of Sanchez's underage tight end. So what's Eliza Kruger look like? See for yourself after the jump ...

There you go. Nice to meet you, Eliza Kruger. Two thoughts here:

  1. She's cute, sure. Jamie Lynn Spears-esque. But forget physical attraction, what does a 24-year-old star NFL QB even talk to a 17-year-old about?
  2. Apparently, the age of consent is 17 in New York and 16 in New Jersey. But did Sanchez have to buy her that cigarette? Way to corrupt a minor!

What do you think? Is it cool to date a 17-year-old?


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Yea Kelly Q does sound like a whore, maybe that's why she think this is o.k. 10 guys by the time she was 17 YIKES sounds like a fucking whore to me!


She looks WAY too much like Jamie Lynn Spears. That's gotta be jinxed somehow by now, right?
I know this has no actual connection to her, other than the fact that they both dated older guys and it didn't turn out well for one of them. It won't turn out well for this kid either. Can you say 'child support'? How about 'career-ruining scandal' and 'lawsuit'? Or maybe 'Amber Portwood'? They never learn, do they?


Kelly Q. so you are letting everyone know that by 17, you were kinda whoring it up. Not to be rude or anything but that is not safe for a 17 year old nor does it show self worth. There is a lot more a 17 yr old should be doing than hooking up with half the town, maybe like getting ready for college.


Eliza Kruger, enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame, it's all your ignorant and white trash face will ever get.


Mark Sanchez, I have one thing to say, you're an enormous pervert. Hooking up with a 17 year old? You really couldn't do any better than that underage slag? Athletes really represent the epitome of ignorant individuals who are only capable of superficial relationships that are ephemeral. Oh and Mark, just so you know, it's illegal to hook up with your little children, in case you have the slightest temptation someday...


i went to school with eliza this summer and let me just say that she is not only a bitch.. but she is dumb as ever! we would make fun of what a dumb-blonde she was.


Oh and Didi, thank you. What's your number?


i will sue the club for not properly enforcing the legal age requirements. I relied upon this establisment doing their jobs correctly.


I just think Mark is hot. And I would love to meet him. That would be so cool. Virgoes and Scorpios do it better......


To those who said that she only saw money signs, her father is actually worth hundreds of millions of dollars, most likely more than almost all other celebrities. Maybe she did see this as a way to get attention, but she is definitely one of the most privileged children out there. And no matter what happens, she can always escape back into her money.

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