Eliza Kruger Picture: Underage Girlfriend of Mark Sanchez Revealed!

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Yesterday, we reported that New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez "hooked up" last month with a striking, rich girl from Connecticut at his home.

That's not shocking for a handsome, star athlete. The reason this is a story is that Eliza Kruger is a junior ... in HIGH SCHOOL. She's 17 years old.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

They flirted at a hip Manhattan nightclub on New Year's (guess the kids on Gossip Girl aren't the only teens who get in), and took it from there.

We now have a picture to go with the name of Sanchez's underage tight end. So what's Eliza Kruger look like? See for yourself after the jump ...

There you go. Nice to meet you, Eliza Kruger. Two thoughts here:

  1. She's cute, sure. Jamie Lynn Spears-esque. But forget physical attraction, what does a 24-year-old star NFL QB even talk to a 17-year-old about?
  2. Apparently, the age of consent is 17 in New York and 16 in New Jersey. But did Sanchez have to buy her that cigarette? Way to corrupt a minor!

What do you think? Is it cool to date a 17-year-old?

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so one thing i have to clear, she is not a little girl. b/c she knew what shes was getting her self into and soon she'll be 18 so whats the big deal, and i love sanchez so i will appriciate if you stop blaming him for a dum girl who just wanted attention or whatever her purpose was. and also my grandparent were happly married for almost 45 years and my grandfather was 10 years older then my grandmother, and back in the 17 and 18 century they didnt make this such a big deal why do it now, unless his forcing her thats another story.


she's a whore she needs to get a life and quit blowing hot sucessful young men. all i know about her is that she is a gold digging slut that needs to get a real fucking life. seriously i wish that mark could see how many "of age" girls really like him for him, and not for his money, like that hooker eliza kruger. if i could say one thing to people who are on the phony bitches team, it would be, "look, i know that you probably have fucked 20+ men last night but, there is a thing called 'man rape' so she and all of you can suck me because it doesnt look like you care if you get an std or anything.


Why was she 17 in a nightclub, she probably had a fake Id and lied about her age! She knew damn good and well who he was and now wants her 15 min of fame for being a whore! He did nothing wrong and the legal age is 17!


It's wrong but you see it in the media people are dating each other who are like 10 years older then them selves both of them are only 7 years and its not like its ilegal


Come on now 24 and 17 isnt that far at all.. Mark just needs to wait couple of years for her to get mature. I know Mark got off a little too premature on this one


@ Alessandra - I do not condone what Mark Sanchez did but if it is laid out on a silver platter, why not. I do think that these athletes should ask to see their ID before doing anything because quite frankly most of the girls look so grown up nowadays.


I can't believe that people are wondering what he would talk to Eliza about. WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT TALKING.


i was at summer program w. eliza too....her and her friends were total bitches, they humiliated me and made my summer miserable. thats what ya get for being a hoe.....


HA. i know this girl, shes really one of the snottiest, bitchiest girls ive ever met in my life. was bragging about "OMG GOT MARK SANCHEZ NUMBER!!!" for months. im really not surprised. karmas a bitch, sweetie.


hahaha!!! this just cracks me up.
i never thought highly of eliza... she was very into herself. i used to look at her facebook pictures and just laugh. she thought... a lot of herself. this was just her trying to get more attention, which usually works for her, but this time it back fired.. big time.
she deleted her facebook =[ no more good laughs.