Dr. Conrad Murray May Argue Michael Jackson CHUGGED Propofol

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Talk about grasping at straws.

Facing involuntary manslaughter charges in the death of Michael Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray has to try something when his trial begins in March.

Arguing that Michael's failing health makes it unfair to solely blame the physician? We can see that having some merit. But this is just ridiculous.

According to a new report, Murray's lawyers will suggest that MJ's final, conscious act was to reach for a bottle of Propofol and chug it like soda.

MARGINAL: Murray's theories feel a bit like throwing stuff at the wall.

Dr. Conrad Murray pleaded not guilty to the felony charge last month. How he plans to fight the charge has prompted much speculation and controversy.

In a police affidavit it said that Dr. Murray told police Jackson craved Propofol, an anesthetic, to treat insomnia and referred to the drug as his "milk."

According to anesthesiologist Dr. Barry Friedberg, Murray will argue that "Jackson could have swallowed Propofol" himself with Murray out of the room.

Friedberg says there appears to be a small amount of evidence to support the defense's theory - traces of the drug in the star's digestive system.

During the preliminary hearing, a prosecution witness conceded that it appeared plausible that Michael Jackson "self-ingested" some Propofol.

So it could have gotten there from drinking the sedative. However, that doesn't automatically free Murray from responsibility, even if it is true.

It's a doctor's responsibility to create a "safe environment" and carefully monitor a patient, which could make Murray's version of events irrelevant.

Still, Murray's team feels it has an opening, and that their client cannot be held responsible if Jackson did himself in, which they've long insinuated.

"I'm curious as to how "safe" Dr. Friedberg thinks a doctor must be to prevent a patient from injecting himself or drinking a drug when he leaves the room," Murray's lead defense attorney Ed Chernoff told People.

The pop star's father, Joe Jackson, is among many outraged.

"That's bull$h!t," Joe said. "It's not possible that Michael would do that. The whole family knows – and Michael's fans all over the world know – that this is not true. It's a lie. It's a lie and we're outraged about it."


The court needs to be reminded that Michael was in the process of buying a new for him and his family which tells me that he had no intentions of killing himself. Why would he jeopardize that? Why doesn't anybody bring that up? That's why Michael would put his trust in his doctor or doctor's cause they knew how to inject medicine in a safe manner to not hurt the patient. That's who he thought he was dealingl with. right? They need to focus on that right there.


Oh please! Murray is desperate! He knew dam well that he is guilty of providing propofol outside a medical setting. He hid the drug from the paramedics, the hospital staff. He even told security to gather up the propofol. Does he think we are stupid!
I just wished that he would have fessed up and saved the family the heartache of going through a mud slinging trial.


Why does not Dr Murray just tell the truth and be done with it. Please have some dignity. Instead of all this bad and ridiculous excuses and lies. If he knew about MJ's health issues, why did he give him propofol in the first place. If your lungs are inflamed it affectes your breathing so does propofol, sedatives and anxiety. medications. All mixed together it can stop your breathing muscle/muscles.


Who knows what happened in MJ's bedroom while Murray was flirting with that waitress over the phone. He did not monitor him as he should have. It was a small amount of Propofol found in MJ's stomach. It seems unreasonable that he would have ingested Propofol in this manner. Bottom line is that the doctor screwed up and Michael is dead because of it.


Does it even matter if he drank it himself (which I doubt)? Why did this Dr. give him a drug that all experts agree is only to be used in an OR or the like for sedating a patient for surgery? It's not a sleep aid or an anti anxiety med. Just because MJ requested it does not mean he should have gotten it. Was it negligent for the Dr to be pumping all of this into his patient? Yup. The first part of their oath is to do no harm. He,as a medical professional, had to have known the risk involved and done what was right not what his patient demanded.


This does seem to be the defense of a desperate man, especially when the pathologist who carried out the autopsy has already stated that Propofol could easily have leaked into Jackson's digestive system from other organs. Leaving dangerous drugs within reach of a patient, at his home, where even his children may have picked them up, hardly seems like the act of a responsible person, let alone a man of medicine. It seems there were many misdemeanors by Murray on that fateful night, aside from manslaughter.
Give it up Doctor, you are going down!

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