Domino's Delivery Lady Saves Life of Customer

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Every single day, an 82-year-old Memphis woman orders a large pepperoni pizza with two Diet Cokes from her local Domino's. Every single day. For three years.

Until one day, she did not. This was so alarming to delivery lady Susan Guy that she drove over anyway and called the police when no one answered the door.

It turns out the woman fell and couldn't get up. Thanks to Guy's initiative, she was rescued and is now resting comfortably at the hospital. Way to go, Susan!

Guy says she's just a delivery woman, but that day, she was a whole lot more. Who'd have guessed ordering Domino's would actually extend a human life?

Too soon? Possibly. Anyway, everybody's okay. That's what matters.


Susan Guy is an everyday hero. She became concerned at the change in her customer's routine and alerted the proper authorities,at the time when someone truly needed help. Kudos to Susan for being so alert on the job!!


true!!!!:)the pizza PLUS the coke


@boner:Prob would. But hell,if I live to be 83 and still in my own home I'd eat anything I damn well please!
Nice to hear about someone who did some good though. Way to go pizza delevery lady!!


Wow, she must've been unhealthy!


I sure hope Dominoes gives this employee a big fat bonus.


I'm not a nutritionist, but wouldn't eating 1,095 pizzas in a row knock ANYBODY over?