Disney Insider Responds to Billy Ray Cyrus, Questions Miley's Future

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In a wide-ranging interview with GQ this month, Billy Ray Cyrus says he and his kids are under attack by Satan.

He also says the casting of Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana "destroyed" his family and that he'd take it all back "in a second" if he could. How does Disney feel about these remarks?

Miley at the Mic

“We saw it coming for a long time,” a company source tells The Hollywood Reporter. “She wanted to mature herself, but it kind of backfired. Her future without Disney is TBD.”

As for Billy Ray's assertion in the same article that he made no money off Miley, the Disney insider says that's “ludicrous.” That pretty much sums up most of the country singer's quotes in that interview.

We mean, seriously: if an attack by Satan simply results in some skimpy clothing and bong smoking, this Lucifer guy has been been way oversold for awhile now.


I wish America would let this girl be and get on with their lives. People need to accept that she's 18, and growing up. All starlets have to grow, and make mistakes along the way. I am so sick of how everyone criticizes all that she does, good or bad. I'm a fan, and I still support her throughout everything. And I say, back off haters and get a life other than bashing celebrities you don't know in general. Love you Miley, and I wish you the best.


What's done is done. The past should be left alone. Miley Cyrus is 18 now and is no longer on Disney Channel.


ok....seriously your her dad...yr suppose to support her thru whatever she chose to do, even when sometimes u all disagree, hannah montana had brough much joy to yr family too not only the bad stuff. there are still people who support her, so how could u turn yr back on her right now...given her current situation


Miley Cyrus is friggin amazing...PERIOD!! Haters can suck what I an't got cause Miley is growin up, she is trying to figure out who she rlly is inside and her dad is not being supportive enough, i just think he is ticked off because of the divorce with Tish. Miley is talented and I think she is way better as herself, and not giddy 2 shoes like selena gaymez or taylor swift (love tay by the way :)I have always been a fan of Miley and I will stand behind her through whatever becuz i think she is the most amazing star in the world, ILY GURL :) ps. Billy, ur crazy.


He is just trying to elongate his 15 minutes of "fame"...
he just wants to make sure he is mentioned for something...


@Amber Bergstein-Yup. I agree.


im sorry but billy ray has got to be crazy its not anyones fault but his own he let her run and go wild to long now he has to pay the price he has to see she is no longer his baby destiny hope she is miley and shes a mess and has been since she was what 15 or 16 when she started dateing the guy who was like way to old for her he should have taking her back to the mountains and forgot about california and if he needed to pay a fine for backing out of hm the tv show he should have seen the problem then and how she was changing most of us did she was a wonderful little actress but now i dont let my kids watch her any more shes went over the top drugs half dressed pics of her self drinking wild parties shes just another lohan and spears a true mess billy take the other kids and go home where they will grow up with some normal lives ....dont blame disney blame to much money and too much freedom from parents who only saw thier baby as a star and paycheck


saying satan attacked ur family is a little extreme and dramatic, dont u think? he should be blaming hiself


come on everyone give him a break who r we to tell him who to blame and how she take care of this mess with miley yeah she's old enough to make her own mistake's but he is still her father....as for there not being a god or satan not being real that's a bunch of bull cause if tere was no god we us people wouldnot even be here or even the animal's so if god isn't real then how did all of get here and the animal's someone had t creat us,as for satan i don't believe in him but i know he's real some how and he work's in way's that any of us can't imagine do i think he made the mess wit billy ray and his family well no i don't i think miley just want's to try new thing's and not better thing's at that but just because you don't believe in something doesn't mean it give's u the riht to put other people's belief's down....


Yes man u shudnt blame satan.whatever has happnd cant b changed.cum on u r a responsible father, try now help her,guide her correct ur mistakes,opportunities r alwez dere,u just need to realise .my best wishes wid u

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