Disney Insider Responds to Billy Ray Cyrus, Questions Miley's Future

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In a wide-ranging interview with GQ this month, Billy Ray Cyrus says he and his kids are under attack by Satan.

He also says the casting of Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana "destroyed" his family and that he'd take it all back "in a second" if he could. How does Disney feel about these remarks?

Miley at the Mic

“We saw it coming for a long time,” a company source tells The Hollywood Reporter. “She wanted to mature herself, but it kind of backfired. Her future without Disney is TBD.”

As for Billy Ray's assertion in the same article that he made no money off Miley, the Disney insider says that's “ludicrous.” That pretty much sums up most of the country singer's quotes in that interview.

We mean, seriously: if an attack by Satan simply results in some skimpy clothing and bong smoking, this Lucifer guy has been been way oversold for awhile now.

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sikie...u juss stop saying what ur saying...if ur a fan u would be sticking right by her side, not turning against her...i luv ya miley cyrus...


Miley u hurtin ur dad u mst stop wt u r doin whle u cn


anyone who needs to talk or has facebook n needs to talk find me and inbox me on facebook, juss type in Chantae Amber, thre will be a pic of my doing the peace sign...


guys, maybe the reason why Billy said all that stuff was maybe he's hurtin inside ya'll. to be honest, i wouldnt say all that stuff but i'd sure be mad...at least he's still being her father, and for the ppl who still have parents in thre life, be gratful there still with ya, i kno iwasnt, my parents are deceased...
Miley, no matter how much ur mad at ya father, be grateful he's still there with ya, u kno, he aint gonna be with ya forever baby gurl...
i was only 12 when my father and 13 when my mother died...i never knew my mother, but i didnt hit reality until my father died, i was thinking n zoning out in my lil world thiking everything is perfect, but in reality it wasnt...
ily miley always and forever no matter what goes on between us...


Miley, if i were there with ya, i would be supporting ya, to be honest from the bottom of my heart, i wouldnt know what i say but all for i kno, i'd say something baby gurl...i wish i were there with ya right now baby gurl im here for ya, if u need to call me, call the number...250 600 0196 or my home number, 250 622 2473, thankx, no one else call but only miley if she gets this...


what kind of father is he?! He suppose to support miley not saying bad thing about her!!! and realy!!! satan?!?! ocome on billy.


Miley wanted to "mature herself" ... well she went in the complete opposite direction. Now she just looks like a spoilt, stupid, attention-seeking little kid.


i fucking hate disney and im starting to hate billy ray. i mean what kind of father disses his own daughter in public. iwould fuck my dad if he did that. sorry miley about ur dad and i will love u 4ever. and billy ray, i suggest u take parenting classes to learn exactly what miley needs. love u miles and always will from all ur fans all over the world.


billy is so not right.......he is suppose to support her daughter......miley is 18 now...she can do watever she want it...u can't blamed her..........hannah is hannah and miley is miley........she can't be controlled like a children...she need to grow up....just give her a chance to prove that she can be someone that people will respect her.....she is a legend.....disney channel got the high rate because of hannah montana....u guys should be proud of her...watever it is don't ever stop from supporting her......


sayin satan is attackin is not extreme u need to think before u open your mouth like most everybody who left a comment hav u never heard of a slow attack u say just a bong hit and dressin that way is not much thats how it fuckin starts dumbass yall all r prolly into drugs and stuff to is why u side wit her get yalls lives together like she needs to yall all r followers and cant think for yourselves people like all yall make me sick wait till u hav a family i hope your kids act the way she is then i bet its a diff tune for each and everyone of yall. Just one more thing for everybody GROW THW HELL UP AND DO SOMETHIN WIT YOUR LIVES LIKE IVE DONE