Dina Lohan on Lindsay Woes: God Has a Plan

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Dina Lohan says God has a plan for troubled her daughter Lindsay.

Somewhere, God is so pissed that Dina just dragged Him into this.

One of the worst celebrity moms in history tells PopEater there's a higher power at work and her daughter is thankful for another chance after yesterday's court date, during which she was remanded into custody but allowed to post bail.

Perp Walk

PERP WALK: Wonder how the Man Upstairs feels about His favorite redemption project wearing that to court yesterday. Wowza! [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

"It's all good. God has a big plan," Dina Lohan said, although she did not elaborate on whether the Lord feels it was all a misunderstanding when Lindsay walked out of the jewelry store with an expensive necklace or merely deserves mercy.

Lohan entered a plea of not guilty yesterday, but remains free for now. Judge Keith Scwartz laid the verbal smack down on her and threatened to revoke bail and her probation if she so much as breathes in a way he doesn't approve of.

Guess God's plans only get you so far with the legal system.

What's your take on the Lindsay Lohan necklace caper?


Actually some ANTI-CHRIST might walk right into the trap just to see "how far the rabbit hole goes" already knowing "suing the pants of sin" is an eternal GOLDMINE! Just be careful and don't let my "temptation" confuse any Lohan.. Stay wholesome.. use "superintellegence of women to make men THINK someone who shall go unnamed is going to be "BOY TOYS" then POW make male chauisnts into "embarased pigs" in court that own a DEBT SO large they cannot pay and have to set up structure payment though JJ Wentworth just to get the EGG of their face. CompredA? Personally this anti-christ perfers pirate (good skill LIPSERVICE pirates that make judges grant trillion dollar judgement with music, multi-media, special effects and everthing they DONT teach professional lawyers in court so how could they DEFECT the "lohan clan" doing "lipservice for the guy with broken lips"?


I don't think she is a thief , I do think that she is under oppression for this reason , she made the PARENT TRAP II , it was a wholesome movie that brought her fame , because it was a wholesome movie and depicted family values the cruel one has caused her confusion, memory losses , deviate sexual behavior , I think she needs a simple exorcism performed by qualified clerics , I feel that if she wants a normal happy life she needs to discover the love of God , Bible study is recomended , as she reads the bible she will realize her mistakes and the solution


Doesn't matter if God has a plan or not cause no one in that family listens to anyone, especially Him.


If its true that God has a plan for her,then i think something possitive should happen fast cos this is not encouraging at all.May God help her and everyone.


no matter what many people are against lindsay...i just dont get this point...im not a fan nor a hater...i may be wrong but she should be givin another chance to hav a comeback after rehab, n it really maybe just a misunderstanding


God may have a plan but Lindsay needs to show some accountability.
She is looking clean, much better then in May 2010. Hope she finds happiness but somewhere far far away from Hollywood. She can't handle the scene but sadly still wants it so desperately, as do her parents. Sad sad!


There has been some people who have been supporting Lindsay in prayer. God does have a special plan and purpose for her life. Just ask the prison minister, Marty Angelo who has reached out to her on three different occasions... willing to serve her jail time if she would enroll and complete a 12-month faith-based residential treatment program. He offered it in 2007, 2010 and just now again in 2011. Wake up, Lindsay Lohan.


Jesus did hang out with thieves.

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