Did Lady Gaga Rip Off Madonna?

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Notice a similarity between Lady Gaga's new single "Born This Way" and Madonna's '80s classic "Express Yourself"? Well, the latter apparently has.

First, Madge's brother, Christopher Ciccone, went on record saying, "All I can say is 'What the f**k!' when asked to comment on Lady Gaga's new song.

"It sounds just like 'Express Yourself' ... I can't believe it to tell you the truth."

Madonna herself hasn't commented, but her YouTube page was updated today with, wouldn't you know it, a live performance of "Express Yourself."

The pop stars have never feuded. Contrarily, in fact. Gaga has called Madonna a huge influence and the two even did an SNL sketch together in 2009.

Listen to "Express Yourself" and see if you think "Born This Way" is a rip-off:

Did Lady Gaga rip off Madonna?


This kind of reminds me of how people were so quick to falsely accuse the MORE talented Christina Aguilera of copying Lady Gaga.


Express yoursel is a rip off of Staple singers Resect Yourself.....Not to many original idea in music in general these days......enjoy what you hear...


lady gaga is completely UNORIGINAL she has been ripping people off from the start, alejandro was a combo of ace of base's dont turn around and abba's song fernando not to mention some of the vibe of madonna's song la isla bonita. there is nothing new about this song being a BLATANT RIP OFF and COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT on gaga's part. The fact that people are okay with this just speaks to the lack of originality in music these days, and the fact that most people just remix and sample or do these stupid mash up things and people think this is new original material or something. hopefully someone gets up the balls to sue her for this behaviour at some point...
hard to stand up to all these gaga fans a.k.a BULLIES though....if you dare say anything against gaga in this world people (a.k.a. SHEEP) riot. my opinion on lady gaga: there's no accounting for taste.


These songs sound very alike. I can't believe the people here saying so what if Gaga ripped it off. So what? Unless she had Madonnas consent to use the song it is a huge deal. You simply cannot take someone elses work and claim it as your own original piece. It is called plagiarism. I suppose those people saying it is no big deal to rip off someone elses ideas are not old enough to have had to write even a highschool term paper never mind a collage thesis or else they would be very familair with this concept and would understand the (very large) consequences of doing such a thing. I guess we are going to have to wait for Madonnas comments on this before we know if Gaga will be in hot water over it. But the songs are way to much alike for Gaga to be able to claim it as her own original work.




Those two songs may have similar lyrics but the song much more closely resembles "All Night" by Randy Hall aka the song patrick dempsey dances to in cant byt me love


I thought it did sound alot like madonna circa 89 but not neccesarily like express yourself. I thought the song was okay,but it didnt live up to the hype. I respect the messege, i just expected something more.


omg its history


But not only Express Yourself, it also has Ray of Light. That is pretty clear.


Who cares if she did? Madonna's old news and it's time she stepped back and let new artists take the front seat. Honestly people, whether she did copy or not, its all about popularity. Madonnas' time is over and Lady Gaga's is just starting.

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