Dianna Agron Scared of "Psycho" Ex-Boyfriend, Friend Claims

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The break up of Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer continues to be more messy than Lindsay Lohan on a Saturday (or Friday... or Tuesday...) night.

Following a year of dating, this couple split last week amidst rumors that Agron was peeved over an old photo shoot of Pettyfer and a couple hot, scantily-clad women. Agron has since moved out of the Los Angeles home she shared with the actor, but all is not comfortable for this Glee star.

Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer

Sources tell Us Weekly that Agron "is staying at a hotel under an alias." The reason? Pettyfer has allegedly turned into "a psycho loose cannon" following the pair's split.

"Dianna is terrified of [Alex]," a friend tells the tabloid, claiming the I Am Number Four star has "absolutely lost it" and even threatened his ex during a recent phone conversation.

The actor's rep denies this charge.


Just finished reading I Hate His Ex by Alex Cooper. Brilliant read for anyone having relationship troubles to do with past relationships :) x


maybe she miss living with Lea hahahha


soo you all believe that she broke up with him cause of photos?!! is almost as bad as believing he went all psycho. but i wouldnt put it past him, he does that tortured,, brooding soul look.


Or maybe she likes someone else (or has lost interest in him) and she was trying to find a good reason to break up with him.


I have a hunch (just a hunch) that this girl is over-reacting to this guy by calling him a psycho. PS - After all, she did break up with him for doing a friggin photo shoot. PSS - Is it me or do these douchey Glee people think that their fecal matter doesn't stink?


I don't get it...I read the pics were taken before they were together. Sure they are racy...but I don't think I would break up with my man. Thats like getting a divorce after finding out your husband/wife had sex while in another relationship (unless you are one of the few that believe in sex after marriage).

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