David Archuleta Vlog Entry: Excited for New Direction!

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Don't worry about David Archuleta, fans.

Yes, the former American Idol finalist was dropped by Jive Records last week, but he's recorded a new video blog entry in which he discusses the state of his career and sounds optimistic about what's ahead.

"It took me a while to realize that have control of my life," Archuleta says. "The decisions that I make, that's what's going to break not necessarily just my career, but my life, too. So I'm just excited where to go, the direction that I'm hoping to go now with music."

We have a feeling loyal followers will stick with Archie wherever that takes him, won't they? Sit back and listen to David expound on his future now:

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To be fair, THG is only reporting what all of the other media outlets have been. David released his manager, Melinda Bell of Wright Entertainment Group, and shortly thereafter a possibly scorned Ms Bell tweeted that David was dropped by Jive. This can be confirmed on her twitter account, @MelindaWEG. Pretty unprofessional, no?


David is wise beyond his years and whatever he chooses to do in his life will be good. David looks to God and family to guide him. He'll be alright and we, his fans, will be behind him 110% always!


Thanks for the vlog posting. But it sounds like it was a mutual decision for David to part ways with JIVE...rather than as you posted he was dropped. I'm glad David is doing what he feels will work for him and his career. I look forward to seeing what David does next. It sounds like he is songwriting again...so I will anxiously wait for his next vlog to hear what he is doing. Love his smile...and that guy can sing! Wish he would go on tour because David's concerts are so much fun. And you are right...David's fans are here forever and will support David in whatever makes him happy. As the saying goes..."trust the Archuleta!"


David decided on his own to leave Jive as he feels he needs to take a different direction. And boy am I excited about just what that direction will be! Love him as an artist with his exceptional voice and his character is equal. He's going to be around for a long time!


Well idk why this article says he was dropped when David specifically says that there was an offer to stay with them and he chose not to. HE dropped JIVE...


You have difficulty differentiating "released" and "dropped" aren't you. Or you cold just banish the hatred out of you.


Thanks for posting David's video blog. I love David's voice and personality and look forward to whatever comes next. I'm glad David has control of where he's going and I can't wait to hear anything he sings.


CORRECTION! David, as he himself explains in this video, that he was up for a contract renewal and offers...BUT he decided not to continue.
He left Jive. He was not dropped. This would make the initial report "he was released from their roster". Correct.