Darren Criss Comes Out... as Straight!

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Darren Criss has gone from relative unknown to television superstar in a matter weeks.

It's all thanks to his breakout role as Blaine on Glee, an openly character that has landed Criss on the cover of Out, in order to make a major announcement: he's straight!

Sorry, guys. Celebrate away, ladies!

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Explaining why he's come out - in the opposite fashion than most - Criss tells the publication:

“It’s more empowering to everybody if I’m articulate about identifying myself as a straight male playing a gay character. Ultimately, that’s more powerful for both communities.”

Criss, who will take part in the upcoming Glee tour, is thankful for his role on the series and the new ties it has forged for him. He says: "The coolest part is not that it’s a hit show - that’s a bonus - and, of course, that I have a job. But the real cool thing is I was inadvertently raised by the gay community."


Well all I can say is I hope he finds an amazing woman. Seeing as I'm 14, I doubt that will be me. Though I'd still love to meet him...


I loved him a year ago when i found a very harry potter musical on youtube. i think hes so beautiful


Yesss thank goodness, its not that i have something against gay people cuz i tthink he is really hot and i think its wierd if you have a crush on a.gay guy and u r a girl ok im gonna stop writing now.


YESSS!!! I'm sooooo totally having his babies!!!! :D


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