Craig's List Woman to Wife of Christopher Lee: Get Tested!

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The woman who busted Christopher Lee and forced the Congressman to resign because he flirted with her on Craig's List - which included the sending of a shirtless photo - has a message for this former politician's wife.

Get tested for STDs. Seriously.

While remaining anonymous, the 34-year old - who says she posted on the "Women Seeking Men" section of the site because she was "bored at work" one day - talked to Gawker yesterday and said of Lee: "I'm sure he hooked up with women from Craigslist who may have had, um, seedy paths."

Does she feel responsible for his resignation? "I can't say I do. I didn't make him resign. I never even met him. Maybe his conscience is responsible."

Why did she even come forward? "I'm sure I could have sold the story, but that was not my motive, to become famous or do interviews. I live a very private life. I don't expect anything out of it. I didn't expect the man to resign. People have done a lot worse. It's the D.C. area, so you have Congressmen with call women and escorts, but I'm neither one of those. It goes to show [that] almost everyone think it's acceptable to be cheating, using whatever venue they can come across."

Forget the cheating. Lee is simply a moron for the way he went about cheating. That's enough of a reason to be happy he's no longer in office.


I live near D.C. and I think that woman is just being sincere. I could not believe how many married men in VA have hit on me, harassed, me, and even more or less propositioned me when I had no interest, sexiness, suggestive dress, or flirting skills whatsoever! It's really creepy here. I used to work in other major cities and never had a problem. I've even had a powerful political director do this to me and many of my young female co-workers. What this Congressman was doing is the norm, sadly, not the exception!... What amazes you is that they even do this when you've met their wives and/or children, but that doesn't hold them back AT ALL!!... You can't ignore it away, joke it all away or really avoid it. They really seem to have no idea it's wrong. Some women here must encourage it? I'm just surprised this guy stepped aside with some degree of shame.


Seems like he was trying to be a playa, but didn't know the rules. Reminds me of the old Marvelettes song:
Things just ain't the same, anytime the hunter gets captured by his game!!


This woman is full of shit! No one-I repeat NO ONE-places a women seeking men ad on craigslist because they are bored at work! Most people who want to keep their jobs avoid that kind of thing because they know their employers may monitor internet use. People bored at work surf around and read stuff like hollywood gossip (sorry guys!) but no one places a personal ad because they are bored. I'm sure ths doofus did reply to her ad and that is not a good thing but she seems very shady as well.