Cowboys & Aliens Movie Trailer: Harrison Ford! Daniel Craig! Olivia Wilde Nude!

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Daniel Craig. Harrison Ford. The direction of Iron Man. Teases of Olivia Wilde nude in front of a fire. THIS is how you do a movie trailer!

As one of several summer blockbusters that premiered commercials during Super Bowl XLV, Cowboy & Aliens kept it simple. The following spot featured its stars and a lot of action sequences, while keeping us guessing about the overall concept:

A bunch of cowboys do battle with an invading group of aliens?!? Consider us intrigued, and hopeful for an expanded focus on these Wilde scenes. Check out the full preview now:


I'm a huge western fan and would love to see the genre make a comeback but this movie just wreaks of box office bomb. PS - Daniel Craig is a solid actor but English actors playing cowboys is like American actors playing English Knights. They're just not believable.


The original American "cowboys" were the same race and species as the original American "Indians" and the original American "Natives". They were ALL indigenous Americans. This is one of those NYLA immigrant fictional rewrites that tries to rewrite American history by making the cowboys the same species and race as the "settlers"/"conquerors". BIG BAD IDEA OF THE EARTH IF THERE EVER WAS ONE. DO NOT MESS WITH HISTORY OR THE AMERICANS WILL FIND YOU AND KILL YOU. AMERICA KILLS BAD BOATSHIT.

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