Coming This Friday: New Justin Bieber Movie Footage!

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Justin Bieber has a new hairstyle.

This Friday, meanwhile, fans will be treated to new footage of "Never Say Never." Director Jon Chu confirms an updated cut of the movie will hit theaters this weekend, saying in a statement:

“This cut allows me to retain some of the best scenes from the original movie, while incorporating previously unseen footage and new material I shot during our extensive promotional tour on behalf of the movie."

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Director’s Fan Cut will be released in 3D and include such additions as:

  • A new introduction.
  • A new performance with Willow Smith.
  • More versions of "Baby."
  • Fan testimonials from initial screenings.
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my sis loves u and ever since she made me listen to u i become ur fan and i was so happey when i heard ur new movie is coming out i love you so much biber fever


Justin Bieber is amazing... I haven't been soo amazed since the King of Pop Michael Jackson himself. Justin's voice is so soothing to the soul, and this is coming from a guy.


Righhhhhttttt!!!!!were jealous of this 11 yr.old girl with a squeeky,high-pitched voice 0_o


Justin Bieber is fricken amazing i dont care wut anybody thinks I love him and every one is just jelouse that there not famouse..well i think the ones her are always like "he sucks" or "he is gay" or "he cant sing" r just jelouse Im really excited for this(:


A great way to change the little pitter-patter of keystrokes to bam-bam keystrokes, watch this.................................................. BIEBER SUCKS!!!


No!!!!no more about this stupid kid!!!