Clint Jun Gamboa Advances to American Idol Top 24

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He caused controversy in Hollywood by kicking Jacee Badeaux out of his group. But Clint Jun Gamboa will now have a chance to make it up to American Idol viewers:

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    I don't like Clint Jun Gamboa. Good thing he was booted out from AI. He's not a winner yet but he's arrogant already by kicking out Jacee from his group. Very bossy. Good for him. I hope he realized now that it doesnt pay to be rude. My heart goes out to the 15 year-old boy, Jacee.


    Jaycee, Jaycee..oh please, I'm sick of it. He's a cute kid, but he sounded like what he was, a little boy! Shame Shame on American Idol for using Clint and villainizing him to make an interesting story. Everybody chooses their teams with QUALITY in mind and they just picked this story because Bullying has been such a controversial topic of late. They used Clint and ruined his chances. He may not have won overall, but he had a great voice and was better than some that got picked.


    I also dont like that Clint. & am not watching American Idol because if him. & jacee is out! bad season...U clint will not win because you're a villain! Rude! only ur family & friends will vote 4 u!


    yeah who cares if that gamboa can sing! he's an asshole! he kicked out jacee, my favorite. & this gamboa even took d chorus part of their group song that he can show off so the credit is all on him! what a selfish, mean, cheat bastard! go back 2 d closet, u closet queen! yeerk! >:-


    Why did they keep Jordon, another cutthroat, and send dear Jaycee home. I'd love to have heard more of Jaycee. Jordon is one of many even if he is a teacher and can sing, but not a teacher of good character. I was pleased to see the judges recognized Scotty's integrity.


    My husband went to HS with Clint, & we used to go to karaoke with him. Wait til he really shines. He is absolutely AMAZING!


    O.k. so he maybe able to sing but he DID show his true colors when he booted Jaycee cuz he didn't have to right look?? OMG looks who's talking!! I understand about that trash bag from jersey but not Jaycee PLEASE!!


    Clint did what you or anyone else would have done in the same situation. @Guy: You would be singing a different tune (no pun intended) if he had kicked out wannabe Jersey girl, Tiffany Rios. Here's a bit of advice; don't swallow the drama that Fox is feeding you.

    Notwithstanding Fox's malicious editing to make Clint look like the villain, Clint is a fantastic singer and absolutely deserves to be in the top 24.


    This season is a bit boring for me...because all the judges are just too soft on most of the singers. I think the karaoke guy can really give him a for Chris Medina, I feel sorry for him...but hopefully we will see him next year


    Gamboa is a self centered a creep. He showed who he really is . Who cares if he can sing.

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