Classic Jersey Shore Clips: The Prank War

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Pauly and Vinny. Snooki and Deena.

Oh, it was on like Donkey Kong on Jersey Shore last week. As we noted in our official episode recap, this was a prank war of epic proportions.

Some of the practical jokes were funny, others lame, and some downright filthy in the truest sense of the word. Fecal waste was involved.

Who emerged victorious? Guys? Girls? Did we lose just by watching? Check out Team Bromance battling Team Snarf/Sloppopatumus here and see:


true...NOT a pretty picture!!!


LMAO at the mental picture of team Snarf/Sloppopatumus! Picturing Snarf and a hippo wearing white shorts about 10 sizes too small wandering around.... Scary.

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