Christina Aguilera National Anthem Effort: FAIL!

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Poor Christina Aguilera.

The singer choked on the biggest stage of her career Sunday night, stepping to midfield prior to Super Bowl XLV and flubbing a lyric to the national anthem. Aguilera left out the words "O’er the ramparts we watched” and instead inserted “What so proudly we watched" in their place.

Watch the entire performance for yourself:

We really do feel bad for Christina, who has sung this iconic song in public on a number of occasions. Still, it was not the most embarrassing thing to happen to her this year.

UPDATE: Aguilera has released the following statement in response to the gaffe:

"I got so caught up in the moment of the song that I lost my place. I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through.”


I could overlook the verse flub, she's human, but I can't stand how she has to over sing everything. Does she have a nice voice? Yes. Do I like the way she sings? NO. Her "stylings" come off as showing off and derails the song. It would be nice to hear her sing a cover without all "style."


Luckily for her, no one outside the United States cares.


" incredible singer " WTF are you talkin bout what were you watchin


Very Very sad and discuting, if I was her I would make a public apology
Also who ever would defend her and that performace should seek medical assistance
God Bless America !!!


It was horrible. Enough said.


Bob, next time you want to belittle an incredible singer (or anyone for that matter) you might NOT want to look like a complete idiot. USE A SPELL CHECK, LEARN TO PUNCTUATE, and HAVE YOUR MOMMY TEACH YOU ABOUT CAPITALIZATION. FAGGOT.


wow. As if none of you have ever screwed up or been nervous and bumbled a bit in front of others. At least you know she wasn't lip-synching it. Shadim, as a Conservative I say get real and grow up. The President has absolutely nothing to do with Christina getting nervous and making a mistake and the fact that you used this opportunity to interject topical politics tells me that you have nothing useful to say you just feel like whining and interjecting your opinion into things no matter how irrelevant. Jean: every performer in the last 50 years has put their own spin on our National Anthem from Whitney Houston to Jimmy Hendrix - to start spewing such inartistic vitriol now is as weak minded and Fascist as you can be. America is about freedom to do as you wish within the boundaries of civil law and to express yourself in whatever way you feel best reveals your true self. Conformity and rigidity for traditions reeks of Stalin and Mao and has no place in a free society.


SomeOne should give her a barrel , cause she cant carry a tune in a bucket


She was terrible. Being a veteran and current active duty military wife it made me sick to listen to her. she can't sing worth a dime and needs to give it up. Also, you need to look presentable while performing our country's anthem yet she looked like a hooker in a cheap kmart suit that was 2 sizes too small. What. A. Shame.


What a joke , She is a washed up singer when she cant even remeber the words to her countrys song


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