Christina Aguilera National Anthem Effort: FAIL!

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Poor Christina Aguilera.

The singer choked on the biggest stage of her career Sunday night, stepping to midfield prior to Super Bowl XLV and flubbing a lyric to the national anthem. Aguilera left out the words "O’er the ramparts we watched” and instead inserted “What so proudly we watched" in their place.

Watch the entire performance for yourself:

We really do feel bad for Christina, who has sung this iconic song in public on a number of occasions. Still, it was not the most embarrassing thing to happen to her this year.

UPDATE: Aguilera has released the following statement in response to the gaffe:

"I got so caught up in the moment of the song that I lost my place. I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through.”


yes, it is intimidating to sing before thousands of people. Not "signing" like val put it - spellcheck you idiot. But what is the difference between the superbowl and singing for one of your concerts? The National Anthem is a song that everyone learns in elementary school. The vocal gymnastics that people now think are necessary to sing EVERYTHING are NOT necessary - sing the damn song straight and keep it American. I like Christina, but she botched it and she should be ashamed of herself.


Christina Aguilera? I turned the channel when I saw that Morticia Addams was singing the anthem. I saw that train wreck coming a mile away. Poor choice. She belongs on American Idol.


The big loser in last night's game was The Star Spangled Banner!!!


As a professional performer who has ALSO been onstage in front of thousands, I submit that if she had focused more on the words and less on musically masturbating every note in the melody, perhaps she would have done a LOT better.


Did she sing a song... Yes, did she do it her way... Yes, is it a little just as ridiculous to ask questions and then answer them yourself in one's own post... you betcha... who cares


Thats strike two. Twice now she has fumbled the words to the National Anthem. As a professional who has performed before very large crowds many times before she should be more composed. BTW - how do you substitute 'gleaming' with 'reaming' unless your mind is completely somewhere else?


Typical to have a Self centered Diva in love with herself singing our nations song...well some song, sure didnt sound like the Anthem of the United States of America. Wasn't the melody, wasn't the words, so what song was she singing? What a shameful way to represent herself.


These comments are a little over the top. She's clearly an amazing singer. Did she over sing it? In my opinion, yes. But that's also the way she always I don't know why people seem so surprised. I'm a singer, and that song is very challenging and there were a TON of disractions. She sang live, and may a little mistake. I'd rather here that then watch someone lipsynch perfection,

Talia quinn

I challenge each and every one of you to get up in front of a stadium full of people and sing. She has an amazing talent and even celebrities are human too. Everybody screws up once in a while.


of course her outfit was inappropriate because, according to most of you, she should be wearing a petticoat and a tri-cornered hat because that's what Francis Scott Key wore when he composed the poem that would form the basis for the National Anthem, which, the tune you hold in such high regard, I might add, was taken from a British drinking song. Do I love my country? Yes, I served in Her military. Did Christina screw up? Yes, she did. Are you people a bit nuts because you obsess over others' shortcomings and blow things way the hell out of proportion? You betcha! So long as she is not attempting to subvert my lifestyle or force her ideals or petty criticisms on me then God Speed to Xtina and "get a life" to the rest of you! :P


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