Chelsea Clinton Marriage Shocker: Is It Over?

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Chelsea Clinton's marriage is already over, according to the new Star Magazine.

This same celeb news tabloid also reports regularly that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston conspire to ruin Angelina Jolie, and that Britney Spears' man beat the crap out of her recently, so take anything it says with a boulder of salt.

Still, it's not the first report of trouble between Chelsea and Marc Mezvinsky ...

Chelsea Clinton Marriage Shocker

News that Marc quit his job and moved to Jackson Hole, Wyo., without Chelsea by his side surfaced recently, after which the couple denied marital problems.

It's certainly possible that there's trouble between them, but a "baby bombshell" or major blowup seem unlike for a pair that's been together so many years.

Also, it's Star. Take the believe-it-when-you-see-it approach for now.


Yeah, her Mom's a lesbian and her dad made growing up a whole lot tougher than it needed to be. What is wrong with America? But her parents aside, my guess is that Chelsea and Marc, who've been together for years, are becoming experts at interiors... Still, they might want to take an afternoon and go into the city and talk to a good attorney, because they have a case against Star which shouldn't be too hard to win.


Leave the child alone, she has suffered enough. let her work her marriage out in private.

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