Charlie Sheen to Loser Critics: Sit Back. Enjoy the Show!!!

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Charlie Sheen appeared on The Alex Jones Show this afternoon, taking time to address critics, comment on his love life and bash the heck out of Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre.

He also referred to Thomas Jefferson as a "pussy."

Among the topics covered in this wide-ranging, absolute must-drop-everything-and-listen-to-right-now interview:

  • His harem of sex partners, which includes Natalie Kenly, is "a marriage is a heart. Or of the hearts. To sully or contaminate what we have with a [marriage] contract is something I'll leave to the bible grippers. The bible grippers."
  • Is Brooke Mueller a part of it still? No. "Where there were four, there are now three. Goodbye, Brooke. Good luck in your travels, you're gonna need it. Badly!"

  • He's getting a new tattoo, described as "gnarlyisms." It's a banner from Apocalypse Now, combined with the apple from The Giving Tree. "There's my life. Deal with it. Oh, wait, can't process it? LOSERS! Winning! Buh-bye."
  • On his critics: "I'm dealing with fools and trolls... They lay down with their ugly wives in front of their ugly children and then look at their loser lives and look at me and think: I cant process it! Well, no, and you never will. Stop trying. Just sit back and enjoy the show!"
  • On Lorre: He's a "turd," who "I embarrassed... by healing at a pace that his un-evolved mind cannot process."
  • He also refers to himself as a "High Priest Vatican Assassin Warlock."

The only thing more ridiculous than every word out of Sheen's mouth? The self-serving brown nosing of the show's host. Throughout the interview, Jones was on his figurative knees for the actor more than Bree Olson likely is right at this very moment.


What a disgusting arrogant self absorbed loser Charlie has become! The best thing that could happen is for the producers to fire him without pay.....let this spoiled self indulgent spectacle go broke! God forbid his children are ever allowed to be alone with him. I won't watch anything he is in and his a gross role model to young people. Just Crome already!


Charlie, really love your show, but this interview made no sense at all, come down a peg or two to the real world that we all live in!!


Since you won't take my calls I'm writing to you through a public forum to embarass you into calling. Call tonight Charles, I know you read this crap. It's not just your life you are destroying - you have children, me, mom and dad. You have to speak with us. Stop the Errol Flynn routine.


You tell em Charlie - You've been polite, hard workiing, talented and an all around good sport about all of this, but now it's time to fight. The attacks won't stop until you cow tow to what Dr Drew et all want you to be. You are who you are. It's your life, enjoy it and F them all. Everyone pretending to be "concerned" is just jealous and or afraid their gravy train that runs through your staition is going to stop. Good luck to you brother I admire you. If you ever need a friend whn in NYC look me up. Jim


This was a good interview!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its time for the damn media to stop telling lies about Charlie and stop focusing on him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


CBS and everyone who watches this show created the monster that is they are making millions on charlie sheen his shows is awsome and they created close to his own personal life style so when the monster jumps track every now and then they want to bitch about him he is a grown man an excellent actor and me i am guilty because i tune in every week to watch his show i say when he jumps off track support and help him do not bite the hand that is and he is feeding you.To Charlie you rock please stay clean i do not want you to be another star that i read about in the obits.


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