Charlie Sheen: NOT Going to Rehab!

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So much for Charlie Sheen actively seeking help.

This troubled star won't check in to any rehab facility for any extended period of time, as reliable sources confirm that professionals will actually be coming to him instead. Yes, Sheen will undergo treatment in the same house that hosted the party which landed him in the hospital last week.

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"Charlie has put together a team that he trusts to help get him sober once and for all," says Two and a Half Men producer Mark Burg.

What are the odds this team's average measurement is 36/24/36?

The hit CBS sitcom will "work around Charlie's sobriety schedule," Burg says, a hiatus that could cost employees thousands. New episodes will air on February 7 and February 14... and who knows after that.

"Everybody hopes his recovery is quick and new episodes are back on the air as soon as possible," concludes Burg.


Charlie obviously has not hit rock bottom, or his idea of rock bottom. He solely is keeping the porn entertainment industry and it's stars in the money and the press. Guess at least one industry is doing well in these bad financial times. Go Charlie, you have millions to spend even if it only benefits a small segment of our society.


i think that charlie sheen needs to go to rehab it will not do him any good for him to stay at home and to the rehab schedule there no way he needs to get help right now he seriously needs to think about his health and do what is best for him staying at home to do the rehab will not do much for him but if he has a good team that will help him than i support him .


Keep the faith and being a good time, Charlie but Chuck the Chuckey ways to Holly-wood, and say hi to Holly for me too!


I'd like to get hold of Chukypoo, I'd adjust his attitude, but good!


woops posted before I was done.
It wouldn't be the first time a show re-casted if a character needed to be on the show but the actor was unable to perform for some reason. I have also seen shows bring up circumstances were a character goes on a trip/ does something that would have them not be on the show for a period of time (this is frequently due to scheduling conflicts and health issues) clearly, CBS has many options regarding the filming of two and a half men and they have simply elected to make a poor choice, and a cruel choice that will bring a great deal of harm to this man.
Charlie, don't listen to anyone who cares only about money or the show, listen to your family and listen to your heart, GET YOURSELF HELP, it is most important that you get better and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! :)


i happen to like his actor mode and
despise his druggie mode. not sure if he
has another mode now.
given his track record to date,
he'll just be sober enough to last a
few more shows and then K-O himself.
this isn't good...


Get rid of Sheen. Fire him. There are other actors out there who would be just as good or better. Sheen is a born loser.


Wait seriously??? Let me get this straight. He is not going to rehab because going on hiatus from the show would be too expensive. CBS just sold away this dudes life. Sick what a little of this $$$ can do to people! Get well soon Charlie!


Sobriety schedule? Are they kidding? There is no such thing. Beginning the process by admitting you have a problem and seeking help in a rehab is not a step you can skip. He will not get clean and sober by having people come to his house. Part of the process is being removed from your environment and concentrating totally on working to break the addiction with others going through the same thing. I wish him well but if he does things this way he will not get better. From everything he has said it does not seem like he wants too anyway. Good luck Charlie,you really need it!!


Y can't CHarlie party? He does a phenomenal job at work. And he enjoys his life when he isn't working . B. F. Deal.

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