Charlie Sheen: NOT Going to Rehab!

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So much for Charlie Sheen actively seeking help.


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    oh yeah...just wondering..has Charlie Sheen ever done anything to you personally...............that's what i thought...just shut-up!


    @ RB...hey what does that stand for...real buttwhole???..yokay...blame his are so dumb!


    Charlie is a great actor and nobody could say any different. Would they have put the production of the movie Platoon on hold if Charlie liked to do a little coke in between takes? I don't think they would. Don't get me wrong I wish all the best for him but this is something he needs to do for himself not everybody else that keeps pushing him to goto rehab. It's good that CBS is gonna give him some time cuz without Charlie the show would never work. This is the one good show thats still on the air and everything else is garbage compared to it. Say what you want about the guy but he is carrying the torch right now for tv sitcoms love him or hate him. I applaude his work just let him live his life.


    Who cares already he isn't hurting anyone else . Let him do what he wants. He is still a good actor and gets the job done. The only reason why he isn't working now is because the producers want to pretend to the public that he's getting better. If I had one thing to say to him it would be quit hanging out with girls that are gonna snitch on u...


    wow, I dunno why so much hatred for Charlie? jealousy and holier than thou types I guess. He's a drunk. big deal. theres millions of them in this world, and last I heard, it was considered a sickness.


    thats holiwood, you can be handsome, wealthy and everything but underneth they are all big fakes,smiling for the camera while they boil inside.charlie is a good example of those fakes.he will soon be joining the departed club


    His father must be mortified by his behaviour. I feel sorry for both of them. Charlie Sheen's life has been in a dreadful mess for many years and it's beyond me how he can go out in public after all that has been documented about him. I truly wish he would want to get straight. When he does, that's when treatment will start working. Until then he will be mixing with the low-life trollops who are making money from him and pulling him down even further. He is still young so still has time and I truly hope he sobers up during his father's lifetime.


    His parents raised a real prize. He's a loser full of excuses.

    Stick a fork in him, he's done, regardless of his talent.


    For all your money and fame you are a sad human being, pathetic actually


    Totally agree with Marcia - so over this loser. Let's move on - he's so old, and it is so old school to throw your life away on booze and drugs - totally for losers. Survival of the fittest and he is unfit.

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